Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Events and Thoughts

Writing a blog entry is probably the last thing I should be doing now, after all, there are cookies to be baked and gifts to be wrapped, but I wanted to to take a moment and reflect on how the Lord has met us in so many ways in the last several weeks.

Last night we attended a Messiah Sing Along. It's one of the highlights of the Christmas season for me even though I don't read music and have a hard time following my part. I sit in the alto section but more often than not I am surrounded by basses. No worries, it always sounds beautiful and always reminds me of what the heavenly choir might sound like. Attending this event reminds me of why we celebrate Christmas, it reorients my focus.

We were able to attend a Christmas celebration with extended family. This has turned into a yearly event and was more than a little challenging this year, but the siblings pulled it off and our extended family was able to reconnect including some face time with both of my sons and grandchildren during the party.

Sweet Lady continues to make progress in Rehab. We had hoped she would be out by Christmas but the healing has been slow. I'll admit this has been difficult for me on many levels, it's hard for me to see her have such difficulty getting around. I want to fix it, but I can't, I know God has this situation in his control and he is using it to grow my faith and trust in him.

We didn't think we would be doing much this Christmas in the way of decorating, in fact we weren't sure we would even put up a tree. It all seemed like a lot of trouble for just the two of us but in the end, we did, and I'm glad. I so dislike how commercialized Christmas has become and part of me wants to ignore it all together, but I enjoy the lights, and the tree, and the Candle Light Services and Christmas Carols. Ignoring it all together would be like throwing out the baby with the bath water. We are learning how to do Christmas differently, eliminating some things and adding others, a process that I think will continue with each year that passes and as we get older.

That's my update, life very busy here, with continued changes that challenge me. Lots of opportunity for growth...lol

Hope you and yours have a very M
erry Christmas

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Around Town

The photo above is the view from my living room window. Perhaps just an okay view but I was surprised by how pretty the leaves were. It's been raining the last couple of days, so I knew the leaves would be gone soon, I wanted to get some photos.

When I went out yesterday I decided to grab my camera. I had some errands to do, I would be out anyway, the sky was overcast so why not get some photos too.

I was enjoying driving around looking and thinking about the beauty God had created. I couldn't get over how pretty everything was. The rains had made everything look fresh and the overcast sky made everything seem to pop.

Occasionally I would come across a house decorated for Christmas with a wreath or some garland. Our attempt at making something pretty and festive...not saying anything is wrong with that, we are doing it too.. but I was struck with how pitiful our attempt at beauty was compared to what God was doing with his creation.

Appreciating today, the beauty that God has created for our enjoyment.