Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Memories

In case you think by the look of this post my family is still visiting, they are not. My son and his family left almost a month ago, I'm just that late getting this post up.

My oldest son enjoys baseball and doesn't mind traveling to see a game. Shortly after we heard his family was coming for a visit, he called to tell me that he wanted to get tickets to an Oriole Game. His family was going, did we want to go too? Did any of my siblings want to go? He also wanted to visit his grandparents as part of the trip.

We didn't want to miss spending the day with them so we agreed to make the drive. I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about the idea because it meant a really long drive, we would leave at daybreak and wouldn't be home till close to midnight.

I'm glad that I went because it ended being a lot of fun. My brother planned a cookout, several of us met there visited with my parents, got a bite to eat then continued on to the game. When I think of the logistics of this event I amazed at how well it went. My brother remarked that we should make this a tradition, it could be our "Christmas in July" (We are generally only able to get together at Christmas time because we are all spread out around the country) Who knows it might happen.

After the game (which our team won with a Home Run in the bottom of the ninth inning) we gathered together for a group photo before we all went our separate ways once again. Love the memories we had the opportunity to make this summer.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Grand Visit

 This was a long awaited visit. We hadn't seen our Grandchildren since the fall and we weren't too sure we were going to see them this summer until I received a text back in March asking us if we could have a crew come pick them up at the airport in July. We were thrilled to say the least.

We stayed busy the entire time they were here and before we were ready, it was time for them to leave. We had all decided early on that we would let them set the schedules, after all it was their vacation and we would do or go wherever they wanted to go. We have a beach, they do not, so you can guess where they wanted to go the most.

I'll have to admit, I'm not really a beach person and by that I mean, I like the beach, I just don't like lugging all the stuff you need for a day in the surf and sun, and although I like the water, it's usually too cold for me and I don't like the "jellies" or whatever other critter might be sharing the water with me. In my imagination everything I step on is a crab ready to bite my toes. All that to say our beach days were wonderful, warm warm, no "jellies" and the only other critters we saw were dolphins swimming about 15 feet further out. I spent a lot of time in the water and enjoyed every minute of it. And because we had so many hands, I really didn't have to carry much at all.

Other things we did were pool, zoo, Top Golf and as a treat from my son and daughter in law a Bushel of Blue Crabs. Oh and there were ballgames, two of them in one weekend.

It was a week full of memories, and as always, a chance to reconnect and love on my grandchildren. There were a couple of memorable events, the details of which I will omit, but I will never read Ten Little Monkey's again without thinking of Little Red.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our Biggest Need

It seems we are being separated into groups, like Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, Black and White, Young and Old etc, etc etc. more and more these days

But something our Pastor said the other day has changed the way I view things

Basically he said There are only two groups of people in the world Those who need Jesus and know it and those who need Jesus and don't know it, pretty simple isn't it.

It  has changed the way I look at situations, gives me compassion for people and it reminds me to pray more, criticize less.

We all need Jesus, lets prays for others with that in mind.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July Moments

 I didn't do much posting in July because our days were busy. Our house was full of some of my favorite people. Here's a little preview of our July memories.

There was an unexpected visit from my siblings and an unexpected opportunity to watch my youngest son perform. There was lots of beach time with all of our visitors, trips to ballgames and lots of good food, including some Blue Crabs, a treat from my oldest son and my daughter in law.

Our CSA was going strong, with tomatoes, corn, squash, melons, berries and most recently eggplant. I'd love to hear your ideas on cooking with eggplant, so far we have mastered Baba Gnoush.

My flower garden has about peaked and we are now getting ready for the August heat. Lantana and Black Eyed Susan's are blooming now, with the last of the Day Lilly's done.

We did a lot of running around while family was here and the time went by way too fast. I loved every minute of it though and will treasure the memories made. How about you,
what was your July like?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sibling Visit

 I am a real planner, I don't usually do things spontaneously, to a fault sometimes. In recent years I have been trying to be more open, still have a plan, but try to be more flexible to opportunities that the Lord might have for us. These past several months have really tested my willingness to let go, and although it's been challenging at times, it's been okay. Well it's been more than okay, it's been a blessing

We had one of those last minute opportunities last week. My sister had taken a weeks worth of vacation to watch her grandchildren, then at the last minute, she found out that she wasn't  needed. Since she had taken the time off,  I suggested she come and visit me. I honestly didn't think she would take me up on the offer but she did and she she came with one of my brothers.

Our time together ended up being a lot of fun. We spent most days at the beach and my brother came prepared to cook for us every evening. When I say he came prepared to cook, I mean, he planned the menus and brought a cooler full of food to prepare. We were treated to crab soup, steamed shrimp and lobster (we love seafood) It was his thanks for our hospitality. We were blown away at how delicious everything was.

Another unplanned event was that our youngest son got a gig in town while siblings were visiting, so they got to visit with their nephew for an evening. (and hear him play with a local group) How sweet was that? Plans are good, and I'll probably never stop being a planner but being flexible can have it's benefits.

So how about you, any surprise visitors or unexpected trips this summer?