Friday, December 28, 2012

Messiah Sing-Along

One of the more enjoyable things we have done this season was to attend a Messiah sing-along. We enjoy our local symphony and love that they offer free events from time to time. This has been an annual event for the last thirty years but it was the first time we had attended. I love Handel's Messiah was looking forward to it being performed by the symphony and the idea of singing the Hallelujah chorus with a concert hall full of other people sounded exciting.

As we were filing into the lobby we ran into a couple from church and decided to sit together, it's always more fun with friends, they were also new to this event. Scores were being sold for ten dollars, I thought it was a way to help cover cost of event....didn't think we really needed one....we knew the chorus, but husband bought one so he could follow along. Our young son had also asked us to bring the IPad, he would be joining us. He had been to this event before, he knew what we didn't...we were singing more than just the Hallelujah chorus

Two scores...five people we figured it out...two would share the score husband had purchased and three would share the IPad (son had pulled the score up on it) Next challenge, you had to know what part you would be singing, and you needed to be able to find your part on the score

They let us practice with the "He Shall Purify" chorus before the actual performance started to make sure everyone knew what part they were to sing. The "teacher" in my son came out, he tried to assist me, showed me where I was to sing, even hummed my part to help me find the range I was supposed to be in. ...I was all over the place. His advice after the practice session..."see those three ladies in front of you....sing when they sing"

In the end it made no difference how anyone sang or if they sung the right part, it was all beautiful.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fallen Snow

There seems to be a peace when you go outside after a freshly fallen snow, the air is crisp and quiet. I enjoy the novelty of snow and the photo opportunities it gives me, but mostly I enjoy it from the window of my nice warm house.

 We don't get snow often here, and when we do it tends to shut the city down. We don't own a snow shovel and the children in the neighborhood use cardboard boxes and trash can lids for sleds, and boots....well they may be grocery bags taped around the ankles. This is the south after all.

These photos were taken the winter of 2011, hope you enjoy

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Comfort Those That Mourn

A Prayer in Response to the Newtown, CT Tragedy

This prayer was written yesterday by Scotty Smith after the tragic events in Newtown:

Dear Lord Jesus, we abandon ourselves to you tonight—we come running with our tears and our fears, our anger and our anguish, our lament and our longings. We collapse in your presence, with the assurance of your welcome, needing the mercies of your heart.
Some stories are just too much for us to absorb; some evil just too great to conceive; some losses  beyond all measurability. We need your tears and your strength tonight. That you wept outside the tomb of a beloved friend frees us to groan and mourn; that you conquered his death with yours, frees us to hope and wait.
But we turn our thoughts from ourselves to the families who have suffered an unconscionable violation of heart and all sensibilities. Bring your presence to bear, Lord Jesus, by your Spirit and through your people. May your servants weep with those who weep and wail with those who wail. Extend your tear wiping hand—reach into this great tragedy with an even greater grace.
We cry out on behalf of the children of Newtown, those most directly affected by this evil, and for children throughout our country and the world, whose little hearts are reeling with fear and terror. Give parents wisdom and kindness, as they seek to love their children well, this night and in the coming days. Raise up gifted counselors and care givers to serve those most traumatized.
Lastly, Lord Jesus, we cry out with a loud voice, How long, O, Lord? How long before you return to eradicate all evil, redeem all tragedies, and make all things new? How long, O, Lord, how long? Your Bride weeps and waits for you. In your merciful and mighty name we pray.

"Blessed are those that mourn, for they will be comforted"  Matthew 5:4
Comfort those that are mourning right now Lord Jesus

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Focus Needed

I have been working on Christmas gifts...but am SO easily distracted....I took a break from the projects I am SUPPOSED to be working on and created this instead....now I need to get back to the tasks at hand if they are to be ready for Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Still an Influence

We had an overnight visit with the grandchildren Saturday night. The plan was for some decorating, always more fun with children, and some cookie baking.

I enjoy having my grandchildren around, I consider it a blessing that they live close and that their parents make it a priority that they have the opportunity to spend time with us. We do not take it for granted.

The three younger children are very close in age, then there is a five year gap between child number two and child number one. It wasn't a real big deal when they were younger but now that the oldest is eleven, her interests are changing. While the little ones are playing she is often just reading a book.

The "light bulb" came on a couple of weeks ago...she still wants to come over to visit.....we still have influence....we need to make the most of the time we have been given....we needed to get her engaged in activities she would enjoy. My husband took the lead in this...he used her as an "apprentice" when he helped a friend fix a dryer, she was a great help to him and she loved helping. She has also shown an interest in using my camera....I was reluctant at first....not my camera... but then realized that it could be a great opportunity...this grandma is still learning.... I don't want to miss these chances to be that influence.

The weekend was a busy one, we decorated, we baked cookies and that evening we went out in the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, this was one tired grandma by the end of the day but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

My prayer is that I will continue to see these opportunities....that I won't be so self focused that I miss them.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Impromptu Photo Shoot

We have been trying to get a family photo done this year but hadn't been very successful. So then we thought, maybe just a photo of my son's family. We had tried  getting the four grandchildren a couple of times but it seemed each time someone wasn't cooperating. When you have three children under the age of five that shouldn't be surprising.

I asked my DIL and son this morning at church if they would be willing to give it another try...they were.... I have to give them some kudos on this one....there was no warning. After church was over we headed to a local park, we knew we were taking a chance because kids were tired and hungry but figured we could at least try.

When we pulled into the park the kids were excited, the three year old ran ahead to the playground, then they all started to scatter. We tried to gather them together for a shot, (think herding cats) but there were tears because the three year old wanted to play, so we just let them go and took candids of the kids instead....figured a group shot wasn't going to happen.

Then the oldest decided it would be a neat idea to climb up this rock, well you know what one does they all have to do....we had our chance. One by one each child either climbed up or was hoisted up by the oldest. Then mom and dad climbed up....when I think about it now it was probably pretty crazy but we got our shot! My son and DIL happy with the results.

             Missy Miss decided to climb the 8 foot rock first (notice the sign in above photo with the baby)

                                                   Everyone else was soon to follow


                                                  Getting down was a little trickier

If there is any advice I can give when it comes to photographing little ones, it's let kids be kids, follow them around and maybe you will get that shot