Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sista Time

My middle sister and I have gotten close over the last couple of years, we talk or text nearly everyday. It has been a blessing to reconnect after so many years.

She had some time off and had made some plans to spend some time with us. We had been talking about it for months. I looked to see what was going on in the area, while she continued to reassure me all she wanted to do was to hang out together, weeding in the garden and sitting on the deck.

Then the week before she was due to come down her friend, who was also her way down, found out she had to work. The trip was canceled! I was really disappointed and my husband even remarked that he was bummed that she wasn't going to be able to come down.

Heres where things got creative, we knew we had to make another trip to the Mountain House, and we had scheduled the trip for Mother's Day weekend, why not go a week earlier and pick up sis on our way? I pitched the idea to her and she was game, we now had a new plan.

It ended up being a lot of fun for all of us. There was still quite a bit of sorting to do in the house. One of our goals has been to preserve any family photos or family items before the property goes up for auction.  My husband concentrated most of his efforts on going through HIS dad's shop while we "Girls" went room by room through the rest of the house, her help was tremendous.

It was a media free weekend (with the exception of watching our son play in a concert via the internet) We talked and laughed all weekend. Sister tried to talk us into moving into this Mountain House and for about 24 hours we considered it. We talked about how we could remodel it, checked the area for churches, scoped out stores in the area. The house has a beautiful view and I envisioned my sister living there with us. Long evenings on the porch talking and watching the deer.

We talked and we planned while we were sorting and packing, but as soon as we hit the bridge on our last leg home we knew we loved where we lived. We had friends and a church and a community we had become a part of. I'm not saying we would never move, if God directs us somewhere else we would pick up and go, but to move just for a pretty house in an area where we have no friends or family isn't enough.

This has been our fourth trip to the Mountain House this year, each trip a little different, each trip a time of relationship building, as odd as that may seem, but thats what sticks out to me the most about these trips. The first trip we reconnected with family members not seen in many years, the next trip it was about getting to know one of the neighbors, the next trip was with my youngest and the latest with my sister. I can see God's hand in all of these trips.

God has been faithful through all of this, protected us in so many ways. There may still be a trip or two (or three) still on the horizon or we may be done. Thanking God today for his mercy and goodness and the opportunities for relationship building he has provided for us through this Mountain House