Friday, October 30, 2015

The Story Continues

I mentioned in my last post that there was a "bump in the road" in Sweet lady's recovery from her surgery. Days before we were scheduled to fly out to see our grandchildren, she had to be readmitted to the hospital and a second surgery done....we were devastated.

When things like this happen, I find myself looking for what God is doing, holding fast to Romans 8:28

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"

That particular scripture, plus the belief I have that God is sovereign over all things gave me comfort. I knew that this did not come as a surprise to God and that he was going to use it for his purposes. Regardless tears were shed. My head knew truth but my heart was disappointed.

I questioned what the God was trying to teach me through it all, was it that I hold "my plans" with a clenched fist and I needed to release them. (I still like control) Would I be willing to do that? (in this case the plans were to see the Grands) It was tough, my husband and I talked about one staying home and the other going, but in the end we decided either both go or both stay home.

Sometimes God lets you see his purposes right way, sometimes you may never understand. I still don't understand the whys to all of this but there are good things I can report

We were home and able to take care of all the details, like getting her to doctor, getting her to the hospital she had her first surgery done at and talking to discharge planner at the hospital. We also were able to make plans about what would happen after she was discharged from hospital. 

We knew she would be well taken care of and the timing of the second surgery was such that we could be there for her and still go and see our Grands. (we made the decision to go hours before we were scheduled to leave) 

This is not the end of the story, Sweet Lady is still in the process of healing and there is going to be some recovery time, the future is uncertain, as it is for all of us. Taking one day at a time for now, holding on to Romans 8:28

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Bump in The Road

Things were progressing smoothly, then they weren't, we hit a bump in the road, in Sweet Lady's recovery from her surgery.

I had been praying about the situation for a couple of days now, trying to trust the Lord. We had plans and this set back was threatening to cancel those plans. When talking with friends on Sunday it was hard for me to ask for prayer without dissolving into tears. I was prayed for and reminded by others of what was true according to his word. I left church encouraged with those truths

Oh dear saints, when you are discouraged or disappointed run to his word, run to Jesus. In his word you will find life, hope, and have your focus reoriented. 

Reminder: His plans are always better than our plans, he faithfully walks with us through every disappointment, this problem did not take him by surprise, and he is sovereign over all things and circumstances

The good news is, we were home to handle the details that needed to be taken care of to begin to remedy the problem, had we been out of town, it would have been a logistical nightmare.

It's a story in progress, or as I have been told in the past, a future testimony we are walking out.

*I wrote this post about a week ago and much has happened since then. God has faithfully met us in many ways in the last and I have much to report* 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Moments

It's beginning to feel and look like fall and we've been taking care of the things that need to be taken care of during this time of year.

The little one in our church that had been so sick went home to be with Jesus not too long ago. The parents trusted the Lord throughout the journey, focused on eternity and encouraged others to do the same. The affect on me has caught me a little off guard, (I only knew the family slightly) and made it hard to blog, it seemed unimportant in light of things eternal.

In the end I realized that how we live our lives (including blogging) can bring glory to God. Through the blogs of others, I have been encouraged, reminded of biblical truth and learned how to do so many things that have helped me in the role God has place me in.

We also successfully helped Sweet Lady through her hip replacement surgery. The surgery had been weighing on me heavily. My SIL has some special needs and all kinds of scenarios of how this might go were playing in my mind. The conversations I would have in my head often went like this " what if she isn't able to go back because of, fill in the blank, complication " followed by "if you trust the Lord and you believe he is sovereign, then whatever the outcome, it's part of his plan" or "he will give the grace you need when you need it whatever the outcome" I was talking to myself a lot during those weeks leading up to the surgery.

In the end everything went well, she came through it like a champ. She had surgery Monday and went home yesterday. A defining moment for me came, after I dropped her back at her place. It was a long ride from the hospital, almost an hour, and she walked the long hallway to her room with a small rest midway. I was tired so I knew she had to be. I settled her in and told her I'd be right back after I went to the pharmacy. I figured she'd chill till I got back. Imagine my surprise when I met her in the lobby when I returned. She was on her way to the dining room to let her friends know she was back. I wanted to cry right on the spot, I knew then, that she was going to be okay and that we had made the right decision about moving her last summer. She then told me to go home, that these folks would take good care of her. The Lord has been faithful to us even in our doubt.

Now that the surgery is over I can start thinking about our next little adventure, going to be hugging some Grands soon, Lord willing!