Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Moments

September was a month of preparation, and a month of settling in.

Our youngest moved even further north to go back to school in September, instead of four hours away, he's now about eight. There is a bonus though,  this school's  performances are able to be viewed online. We have already been able to watch the orchestra perform last Friday, which was pretty cool.

I'll have to admit, it was hard when we first heard our youngest was moving further away, but God has given much grace and life has gone on, just as it did when my oldest moved with his family. You adjust, adapt and find things to be thankful for. A comforting thought for me is knowing that the God is sovereign over all the details of our lives....even family moving far away.

We spent a good part of the month with appointments getting Sweet Lady ready for surgery in October. Praying for wisdom for every decision and good results from the surgery.

This past weekend had been designated for cleaning up summer items and storing them away for the winter, but the rain put a little wrinkle in those plans. We woke up to rain on the day we had planned to cleanup and it continued through the weekend. There was so much rain and wind that the annual end of summer beach festival was canceled, with the exception of the Sand Sculpture Event. (that was held under a well secured tent) We've been trying to put things away bit by bit since, as we get a dry evening, but I think it's going to be another week or more before the weather gets dry enough to continue the job.

The last of the summer vegetables are done and we started getting fall vegetables like winter squash, apples and greens in our CSA basket. The season is over the week before Thanksgiving but we decided to sign up for the Winter CSA and next Summer's CSA this month. We talked briefly about whether we wanted to continue because it can be a lot of work, (you do have to cook) but we did the math and it still made sense, plus we love the fresh produce. It forces me to be a little adventurous with meals too, I'm cooking with vegetables that I didn't used to eat. September means apples are in the basket, so I made Apple Scones and Apple Pie, the first of the season.

We did Face Time with our grandchildren and gobbled up any photos we could get. I still put together "Happy Boxes" for them every month, it helps me feel connected. Thankful that we have the technology that helps make long distances bearable. There is also a trip planned to see our faraway family, so I'll be hugging and kissing those sweet faces soon!

That was our month, it was a mixture of ordinary days, harder days and a couple of amazing days as we saw the Lord work in our lives and the lives of those that we knew.  One day there will be an end to all those harder days, that's the hope we live with. What was your September like?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Proverbs 3:5-6

This is one of the first scriptures I memorized as a new Christian, it helped that it was written on the wall of one the first churches we attended. Every Sunday I would read those verses and apply them to whatever confusing hard thing I might have been struggling with.

Age doesn't change everything, I still need the reminder that I will not always understand.

I must trust the Lord even when I don't understand, acknowledging that he is always good and always faithful. That he is in control of every situation and can use what I would understand as bad for his glory. I've seen it happen, it helps me believe for the future.  That doesn't mean I don't have to go back to these verses and remind myself what is true, I still want to have it all figured out. He wants me to learn to trust, for me it will be a life long lesson.

(Photo taken by my son of my granddaughter running along the Missouri River)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Summer's End

There is no denying summer days are done. We have been eating our dinners outside on the deck, under the mosquito netted table for the last couple of weeks. It's was all about trying to squeeze the last little bit of time outside before we have to take everything down for the winter. That event is going to happen this weekend. I kind of dread it because it makes it official....summer's over. My husband and I have spent the last couple of weekends cleaning out our garage....and throwing away and donating, in preparation for the seasonal storage. A side note to my "Frontier Family".... I couldn't get rid of the Pink Barbie Car but the wooden crib is going and we are not done yet!

I've been on one of those kicks again, I feel the need to get rid of things that we are not using, so in addition to the garage, I have been cleaning closets and drawers. It seems like I just did this , but I don't think I was radical enough the last go round. Getting rid of "stuff" has felt so good! One of my cool weather projects is to continue the cleaning out. We haven't moved in almost two decades and you can tell.

Small Groups started again this month. After praying about it, we decided we would not lead again this year. I was concerned about losing the relationships we had made but shouldn't have. We ended up moving as a group to another small group, one in which we already had some established relationships. We spent the first meeting worshiping and praying for our loved ones. The anxiety I was feeling about moving to another group was really needless, we immediately realized we were with family.

Thank you for your prayers for the children and families mentioned in my last post. My grandson is much better and has resumed all previous activities. The recovery of the one child continues to be amazing and the steadfastness of the parents of the third child continues to challenge me in my own life...with the need to continue to be more eternally focused.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Comfort in God's Sovereignty

We have had a week where I have been trying to find comfort in the fact that God is sovereign over all things That he is in control over every situation, that nothing escapes his care. Even though it is truth it's seems a little too easy of a platitude to give a hurting person when they need so much more.

It 's been a difficult week for us, our grandson was injured, it seemed serious at the time but then the next day, we received  news that a friends daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening illness (the recovery that has been reported is nothing short of miraculous) Our week ended with the news that a family that we know may be losing a child unless God miraculously intervenes. I have told myself over and over that God is sovereign and he will use this all for his glory but it sounds so hollow when you are trying to comfort a parent or a loved one. They are in pain, we can't fix it, but we must trust the Lord. 

There is so much you want to do but you can't, so I pray with them and I weep with them and I ask God to heal these children and comfort their families and to give them wisdom. Sometimes all you can do is hold them and cry, no words are needed

In the end there is comfort in God's sovereignty, that he is working where we cannot see, that he has an eternal perspective that we often do not have.

I have been humbled by the updates I read from one couple, they have totally put their trust in God no matter what the outcome. Reminding us that God is good all the time no matter what the outcome. They have their eyes firmly fixed on eternal things and thankful for all God has given. I have been sorely convicted, humbled and reminded that life can change in a blink of an eye.

It has encouraged me to reconsider what is important and what is not and to make changes accordingly. All of ours day numbered, are we living them as if they belonged to us or that they belong to God, something I have to consider in the choices I make each day.

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom  Psalm 145:1

Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be   Psalm 139:16

If you remember, consider praying for these little ones and their family's....We know that God is in control, we can hold fast to that promise

Monday, September 7, 2015

August Moments

Life has been busy around these parts, so blogging had to be put on the back burner while we attended to the stuff of life.

We started the month on the road, visiting family after both father and MIL were hospitalized. It was a whirlwind trip, three states in four days, nice to be able to connect with family but not under the most ideal circumstances in which to do so.

I wish I could say things were back to as they were before, but that's not quite the case, but both are home now, which is good, and we are taking one day at a time.

The Lord has reminded me often these last few weeks, that he directs our steps, that we are in this circumstance by his providence. That he is always doing a work and that I need to look at each circumstance that I encounter through eternal eyes and respond accordingly. It has been and continues to be a process.

We were also able to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this past month. Our anniversary was officially in June but the Grands were here and they will always trump any kind of travel plans.
We spent a week in Asheville (where most of photos below were taken) and enjoyed exploring the Gardens, The Blue Ridge Parkway and Biltmore House not to mention the outstanding restaurants that are located in Asheville (lots of farm to table type of fare)

To make the trip a little interesting we stayed in an Airbnb. With an Airbnb people list spaces in their home for others to rent out by the day. Kind of like a Bed and Breakfast but much less formal. Every listing is different, and offers different amenities. We stayed with three other guests(we each had our own rooms) in this lovely old Victorian Home with a very interesting host. This is not for everyone, your going to be sharing some of the common spaces,  but we are pretty laid back and social so it worked beautifully for us. We enjoyed it so much we are going to try another Airbnb space when we go pick apples this fall....did I mention it's pretty economical too.

So that's our month in a nutshell, lots of changes and some celebrating. My husband and I have felt that we have entered a new season in our lives, it will be interesting to see what's ahead. One thing that has not changed though is our faithful God, he is the same today as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. That is a comfort in all the unknowns of our lives, don't you agree?