Monday, November 30, 2015

Visiting Our Grands

One would think from this post that we spent Thanksgiving with our Grands, not so, this visit happened over a month ago, I'm just behind in posting, priorities you know!

Our trip out west was a short one, but we filled it with as many memories as possible. I learned that my son and DIL do not live out on the Frontier at all, but the Prairie, so I guess I will have to rename them my "Prairie Family". The Landscape was a lot different then I was used to, and it's usually pretty cold, but the weather was mild so we were able to spend a good bit of time outside. I heard the temperatures dropped the week after we left, I was thankful we missed it.

Other random things I was thankful for were that we were able to make this trip at all, (it was questionable with everything going on with Sweet Lady) that we caught each and every flight (three coming, three going back) that our luggage made it on all flights, and that everyone stayed healthy so we could enjoy the trip.

My DIL made sure our schedule was full, there was a day at the park, a day at the museum, another day we explored a Pumpkin Patch and on the last day we went to the zoo. In the evenings we taught the children some games (they had never played Mille Bornes before) which resulted in lots of laughter and giggles. My son took his dad into work, (which my husband thoroughly enjoyed) and we got to see a high school football game and watch my granddaughter cheer. Thank you dear DIL for making us feel so welcome and for thinking of fun things to do while we were there, it couldn't have been a sweeter visit ( I'm already thinking about when we can see them again! ) The photos included in this post are just some of the memories we had from our visit. Warning!!!! Lots of photos, because there were so many good memories!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Another week has flown by, I mean flown by.

Sweet Lady has reached day twenty at the Rehab (see what I mean by flown by) and there was a question earlier this week as to whether her secondary insurance would cover her co pays after she reached day twenty. Almost twenty days and the facility had not been able to get an answer from insurance company. (to their credit they had been trying)

When the Business Office broke the news to me and informed me of what the daily costs might be, I felt a little sick to my stomach, with my mind racing trying to figure out a plan. The lady in the business office had arranged a meeting with the therapist later that afternoon, so I could get an idea on Sweet Lady's progress, she then told me to go home and get some lunch, she assured me they would continue to try to get in touch with insurance company.

I prayed and strategized all the way home. Sweet Lady didn't seem ready to go back to her place.... would we need to hire someone to help her getting ready in the mornings and at night....would I need to go over twice a day to help her... or maybe the best plan was to let her stay at the Rehab even with the costs. I didn't know what to do and finally gave it totally to the Lord. My prayer was simple, Lord you know what she needs, help me to trust you no matter what the outcome. I had peace as soon as I gave it to the Lord, I didn't need to strategize anymore.

I drove back to the Rehab after lunch for my meeting with the therapist and before I could even park the car I got a call from the Business Office....they had heard from the insurance company and the copay would be covered. Thank you Lord!!!

So that's my "little" contribution to Thankful Thursday. I am thankful the Lord answered my prayer in the way that he did, but even if had not, I believe he still would have provided for her needs.

What about you, what have you to be thankful for this week?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday on Friday

I meant to do a thankful Thursday blog post yesterday but got hit with a nasty little bug, so even though I'm a day late there has been so much to be thankful for that I didn't want to let the moment pass.

Speaking of the little bug, I was only down for about 24 hours, that in itself is something to be thankful for. My SIL had a doctors appointment today and I didn't want my husband to have to take her by himself.

We are thankful for the wonderful progress Sweet Lady is making with her Rehab, we were able to transfer her into the car for her doctors appointment with minimal difficulty today. I am also thankful for the good report we got from the doctor today....the fracture is healing nicely and she is beginning to walk a little.

Although this is not the post-op recovery I had envisioned I can see God's hand in it all. This would include the timing of her transfer, the way she has adapted to the change and the facility itself. I can think of several places she could have been transferred to for rehab but she got to go to this one. (sometimes you only have a couple of places to choose from because of lack of beds) It's brand new with a fully equipped gym. Every time I walk through the door, I am thankful for God's mercy and blessing in the midst of a difficult situation.

I am thankful to be part of a new bible study. When I initially registered I was told I would be put on a waiting list because they were full, but I was called within a few days. I've only been two weeks but have been getting so much out of it.

I am thankful for the mild weather we have been having. It's given us the opportunity to get outside and take care of projects that need our attention and has been great for walks and photo taking.

Finally, I am thankful for a God that is sovereign over all, even in the difficult situations we face, even when things don't go as planned, even when it doesn't look like God can't be in "this" at all. (you fill in the blank for your "this")

We have been reading Daniel this week, and something I have been mulling around for a couple of days, is that it was part of God's plan for Daniel to be in captivity. Think about it, he was taken away from his home and everything that was familiar and held captive in a strange land. Imagine if you had to face something like that today....but God used it for his glory. I believe whatever situation we find ourself in today can be used for God's glory....remember nothing that happened to you today took him by surprise.

I am thankful that he is in control, no matter what my today looks like.

Friday, November 6, 2015

October Moments

October was quite the month for us. We were kept busy by things planned and unplanned. The two big events that were planned were a trip to see our Grands and surgery for Sweet Lady. Add a trip to the mountains to pick apples and another unplanned surgery for Sweet Lady and you have one hectic month.

Sweet Lady is out of the hospital and recovering but she is not able to go back to her home yet. It has been difficult for her and us but I have seen God's hand in so many aspects of this journey. She ended up staying in the hospital a bit longer than expected, physically she was ready to go sooner, but there was paperwork that needed done that kept her longer. The bonus in that little delay was, that it gave her more time to heal in the hospital setting and us peace of mind in making the decision on whether or not to travel to see our Grands.

I don't know what the days ahead hold concerning her care and recovery but, I will trust that God has got this, he was not surprised by this event. I heard an analogy in a sermon the other days that perfectly describes me. I wish I could remember who exactly said this but he was talking about how we all want a floodlight to see what's ahead of us, but most of the time God's gives us a lantern. Can you identify? He has given me grace for each day and the challenges that have been a part of that day. I trust he will continue to do that.

That was the hard part of our month but there was so much good. We were able to go to Charlottesville to pick apples, spend a couple afternoons in Williamsburg and make that long awaited trip to the Great Plains to see the Grands....The feet in above photo belong to my teenage Grand. There will be more photos of that visit in another post.

Well I've gone on long enough, here are some photos of our October Moments.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Dose of Truth

"With God "is no variablesness, neither shadow of turning" Whatever his attributes were of old, they are now; his power, his wisdom, his justice, his truth are alike unchanged. He has ever been the refuge of his people, their stronghold in the day of trouble, and He is their sure Helper still. He is unchanged in his love. He has loved his people with "an everlasting love," He loves them now as much as he ever did, and when earthly things shall have melted in the last configuration, his love will still wear the dew of it's youth. Precious is the assurance that he changes not."

Excerpt from C.H Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, Morning Nov1

Seasons change, our life circumstances change, the world around us continues to change. Isn't a comfort to know that the one who rules over all things never changes. I know this truth helps me as I face each day not knowing what's around the corner next! My life may be in constant flux but my God never changes, I can put my hope in this!

"I the Lord do not change"  Malachi 3:6