Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Vegetable Garden

Every year we plant a vegetable garden, it usually consists of a few tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and herbs, nothing big just something I can putter in and play farmer. My garden never produces enough to can (when we want to can we pick out at a local farm) but we have fresh vegetables through the summer and a little extra to share.

This spring it was looking questionable that we were going to get a garden in at all. Our spring was unusually wet, it seemed like every time we wanted to go out and dig the ground was too wet or it was raining

Then my back decided to go out...that hadn't happened in several years. In the past when my back went out it would "right itself "after about a week or so...not so this time, it took well over a month before it was anywhere near "garden ready" When I asked the doctor why it was taking so long...I heard something about being older...taking longer to heal...need to give it time...you know the drill...getting out there to plant a garden in time wasn't looking good.

Me with an ice pack wrapped around my back
My husband was helpful, he pruned my rose bushes and cleaned out the flower beds and probably would have dug up the garden and planted the vegetables but I really wanted to do it myself...did you detect any frustration here..when am I going to learn that I do not have control...not over the big things and not over the small things...but I digress

Anyway, he suggested we try containers...no digging involved, and with the way he set things up I had to do very little bending...cause that was a real problem

He put out two saw horses and set an old door on top...(this made everything at waist level), he filled the wheel barrow with dirt, set me up with some pots and I was as happy as can be. The cool thing about all of this is, my tomatoes have never done so well. Could be because of all the rain we have had, could be because the pots are close to the deck so I am constantly reminded to care for them...could be they are in nice amended dirt instead of heavy wet clay, maybe a combination of all three. Our squash is not doing as well but, I have high hopes...our growing season is long

We have been so happy with the results of our little container garden that I think we will be doing it again next year.

Object lessons learned here, when there are obstacles or road blocks in your path God just might have a better plan...and for me...something I constantly need reminding....I don't have control, not over the big stuff not over the small stuff...so relax...live like you really do trust in the Lord in all things (yup I really did get that from this)

And thank you to Vee for helping me get my little flower thing back on my "about me"


Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Well you know I don't need to comment...I totally know this! No control and yes, He has better plans, and yes, I must let go.
Sorry about your back...oh done that also, no fun and so painful. I hope it gets better soon.
Yeah for husband being so helpful with an alternative!

Vee said...

What a darling husband God has given you! He really was thinking. Oh I like your idea of wrapping an ice pak on. Did your doc also tell you, as mine did, that it is good to sit in a recliner with your knees above your hips? Somehow that removes pressure from the sciatic nerve or something. That garden looks fabulous! It certainly has been a different spring and summer here, too.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Your tomatoes look like they're thriving ... looks like you'll be eating tomatoes soon! Hope your back is better.

Debbie said...

I love how your husband helped you out here...sounds like a wonderful man! And yay that it is working out well and your garden is producing LOTS of tomatoes. Nothing like a home grown tomato. Sorry about your back. Been there...done that. As for having nothing in our control...well. wish we didn't have to learn that lesson over and over, but I sure have had to. Resting in Him is the only place to be. Enjoy your day!

Camille said...

Oooohhh...a back that's been put out is NO fun!! What a great idea to do containers this year to deal with it...what a sweet hubby you have. :) Your tomato plants do look happy...what a blessing! Yaay for friends who know how to help...I'm glad you got the flower thing figured out. :)

(Gentle) Hugs to you my friend!


Nancy said...

I am sorry about your back but so happy to hear that when He closed one door He opened a window...a container garden....Great idea...