Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Moments

April is probably one of my favorite months of the year. I love watching plants come back to life after a long winter, it always reminds me of the Resurrection. We began to see signs of spring in April, starting with the Bradford Pears and Forsythia.  Then slowly but surely everything began to green up. I can't say our weather stayed warm but when it was mild we were outside.

April was the beginning of baseball season for grandson and son (son is a referee for the league) so we spent a part of each Saturday cheering them on. Last month, Little Miss celebrated a birthday, and we joined my son's family for dinner on Resurrection Sunday. Our Care Group started doing Supper Club and our ladies had our annual "Planting Party" (kind of like a cookie exchange except you bring flowers, the hostess provides the pots and dirt, you go home with a nice flower pot filled with a variety of flowers)

We were also able to get away in April to see the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC with some friends. Timing is always tricky with this, you kind of have to watch the weather and hope for the best They were late this year because of the colder weather, as it turned out the blossoms were at their peak and it was a gorgeous weekend.

I am linking up with Cheryl in Gathering The Moments, which I've found is a great way to recap the happenings of the month (and a terrific motivator to help me delete the junk out my photo files in a timely manner)


Cheryl said...

As I see your photos and read your words tonight, I can sense the joy that was yours this month. You've been busy...but with the very best things! Special moments with your loved ones, time in the garden, and a little getaway!

Some friends of mine went to see the cherry blossoms this year, and they were there on one of the peak days too. It must have been gorgeous!

Thanks for "gathering" again this month! I agree that it is good to reflect, for when we do, we can always see His hand. (And I am taking note of your idea to clean out my photo files while "gathering"...) :)

Debbie said...

Loved looking back at your moments with you. You had a VERY good month. Enjoy your week-end!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Maryann
These are so special moments you've shared with your young family.
I'm at the other end of life where I find joy in my three granddaughters.
In the end it's all the little things that count and make up a lifetime of precious moments to carry with you forever.
Hugs and Blessings

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a fabulous month you had. Praying that May is just as wonderful.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's been so nice to look back and gather our moments! You've had a good month...so nice to see the cherry blossoms and family fun is the best, too! Happy May!

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

What a beautiful April you had! I feel the same way about this special month.
I should go see the cherry blossoms...some year!

Pam said...

I sometimes wish I could hit the pause button on spring and it would never end. I suppose we would get tired of it, and I do love the four seasons, but I always long for spring. I love the flower planting party you had at your supper club; what a fun thing to do. Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. sounds a lovely thing to do as well. Loved glimpsing a little of your spring.

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I just love how you captured the month of April! SWEET memories!
Hugs and blessings, Cindy