Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Moments

September was a month of preparation, and a month of settling in.

Our youngest moved even further north to go back to school in September, instead of four hours away, he's now about eight. There is a bonus though,  this school's  performances are able to be viewed online. We have already been able to watch the orchestra perform last Friday, which was pretty cool.

I'll have to admit, it was hard when we first heard our youngest was moving further away, but God has given much grace and life has gone on, just as it did when my oldest moved with his family. You adjust, adapt and find things to be thankful for. A comforting thought for me is knowing that the God is sovereign over all the details of our lives....even family moving far away.

We spent a good part of the month with appointments getting Sweet Lady ready for surgery in October. Praying for wisdom for every decision and good results from the surgery.

This past weekend had been designated for cleaning up summer items and storing them away for the winter, but the rain put a little wrinkle in those plans. We woke up to rain on the day we had planned to cleanup and it continued through the weekend. There was so much rain and wind that the annual end of summer beach festival was canceled, with the exception of the Sand Sculpture Event. (that was held under a well secured tent) We've been trying to put things away bit by bit since, as we get a dry evening, but I think it's going to be another week or more before the weather gets dry enough to continue the job.

The last of the summer vegetables are done and we started getting fall vegetables like winter squash, apples and greens in our CSA basket. The season is over the week before Thanksgiving but we decided to sign up for the Winter CSA and next Summer's CSA this month. We talked briefly about whether we wanted to continue because it can be a lot of work, (you do have to cook) but we did the math and it still made sense, plus we love the fresh produce. It forces me to be a little adventurous with meals too, I'm cooking with vegetables that I didn't used to eat. September means apples are in the basket, so I made Apple Scones and Apple Pie, the first of the season.

We did Face Time with our grandchildren and gobbled up any photos we could get. I still put together "Happy Boxes" for them every month, it helps me feel connected. Thankful that we have the technology that helps make long distances bearable. There is also a trip planned to see our faraway family, so I'll be hugging and kissing those sweet faces soon!

That was our month, it was a mixture of ordinary days, harder days and a couple of amazing days as we saw the Lord work in our lives and the lives of those that we knew.  One day there will be an end to all those harder days, that's the hope we live with. What was your September like?


NanaNor's said...

Harvest greetings to you. Loved hearing about your month. Mine was busy--three grandkids had birthdays, bible study started and seeming lessons with four granddaughters. Life is busy but there have been a couple of relaxed days. Thanks for sharing!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning dear Maryann ~ I enjoyed your post, reading about what went on in your September.

I bought some apples, just haven't decided what to make yet. :-) Apples are so 'fallish'.

Sept. has been hot, have had some rain, had a tooth pulled, joined a new Bible Study group, created some beaded heart pins, some gardening was accomplished, a new kitty has moved onto the property, and we've had tiny hints of fall coming to Florida.

Happy October ~ FlowerLady

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

A busy September for you. My September was spent traveling and walking along the beach. A good month, overall. Praying for an end to the harder days, indeed. Your apple pie and scones sure look tempting.

Debbie said...

I sure enjoyed hearing about your month. Seems incredible we are to Oct already. I think you summed up our month very well as it was similar. "Ordinary days, HARD days, and a couple of amazing" My women's group doesn't start up till next week though but I am sure looking forward to that. Apple pie sure sounds good....Enjoy the rest of your week!

Camille said...

Beautiful. All of it. The photos and the words....it's lovely to visit with you. So glad you are planning a trip to see your faraway family. So sorry your youngest is so far away...but, so happy for you that you are able to access his performances live. Big HUGS! With love, Camille

Cheryl said...

Again this month, I enjoyed reading your words of faith as you reflect on His goodness through the delights and through the hard things.

So excited for you that you are going to visit the faraway grands!

Pam said...

I loved hearing about your September. I imagine the rain, and how it can certainly put a kink in outdoor plans. I loved the idea of the Happy Boxes that you put together for your Grandchildren. You should do a post on it; I would love to see what you send… it makes me smile thinking of it. I have wanted to sign up to do the CSA baskets, but have not done it as of yet. It is inspiring to see yours. Have a great October.

Janette Wright said...

Yes that is far away, yet, we can live close and still be so busy we don't see each other much. Love your month. Oh Happy Boxes, I do Grand Mommy's toy box. I bring them toys to play with and then they send them back and I reload. This way they get to play with toys their parents had and I don't have to throw all my memories away. They love when it arrives.
Happy Fall...love the sand sculptures.