Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Moments

It's beginning to feel and look like fall and we've been taking care of the things that need to be taken care of during this time of year.

The little one in our church that had been so sick went home to be with Jesus not too long ago. The parents trusted the Lord throughout the journey, focused on eternity and encouraged others to do the same. The affect on me has caught me a little off guard, (I only knew the family slightly) and made it hard to blog, it seemed unimportant in light of things eternal.

In the end I realized that how we live our lives (including blogging) can bring glory to God. Through the blogs of others, I have been encouraged, reminded of biblical truth and learned how to do so many things that have helped me in the role God has place me in.

We also successfully helped Sweet Lady through her hip replacement surgery. The surgery had been weighing on me heavily. My SIL has some special needs and all kinds of scenarios of how this might go were playing in my mind. The conversations I would have in my head often went like this " what if she isn't able to go back because of, fill in the blank, complication " followed by "if you trust the Lord and you believe he is sovereign, then whatever the outcome, it's part of his plan" or "he will give the grace you need when you need it whatever the outcome" I was talking to myself a lot during those weeks leading up to the surgery.

In the end everything went well, she came through it like a champ. She had surgery Monday and went home yesterday. A defining moment for me came, after I dropped her back at her place. It was a long ride from the hospital, almost an hour, and she walked the long hallway to her room with a small rest midway. I was tired so I knew she had to be. I settled her in and told her I'd be right back after I went to the pharmacy. I figured she'd chill till I got back. Imagine my surprise when I met her in the lobby when I returned. She was on her way to the dining room to let her friends know she was back. I wanted to cry right on the spot, I knew then, that she was going to be okay and that we had made the right decision about moving her last summer. She then told me to go home, that these folks would take good care of her. The Lord has been faithful to us even in our doubt.

Now that the surgery is over I can start thinking about our next little adventure, going to be hugging some Grands soon, Lord willing!


Camille said...

It's so incredibly true that eternal things weigh heavy in light of saying an earthly good-bye to the young ones in our midst. I can imagine it was a lot to process in the days following that little one's home-going. So sorry for the loss this precious family is enduring. I am lifting them up in prayer today. You are right....everything we do can be done for the glory of our Great God. Your blog is a blessing and your words of encouragement as you wrestle through things with the Lord are lovely. Hang in there. Enjoy your precious time with your Grands!! Love, Camille

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a testimony that young family is with the 'home going' to Jesus of their little one.

I am glad Sweet Lady did well with her hip surgery and that she is doing well at home. May she continue to do well.

Rest in Jesus tender care dear Maryann ~ Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, This post did bring glory to God! I could sense that we all learn from each other to press on! Each day brings me different challenges and hope!
I appreciate you! God Bless,

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Reading that about Sweet Lady's return home after surgery just brought tears to my eyes ... what a comfort that must have been for you.

Lea said...

Oh, what a sweet, sweet post and I rejoice with you over Sweet Lady's recovery thus far. How wonderful! And, yes, seeing someone go through such a loss really does put things in perspective. Blessings abundant!

Cheryl said...

So happy to hear this testimony of God's faithfulness!!

Enjoy those "grand" moments!!