Friday, August 31, 2012

The "Middles"

Sometime last spring these two became known as the "Middles" I think their mom came up with the nickname and the reason was simple, they are children number two and three....the "middle" of four children.We love having all our grandchildren over but with school for Missy Miss and Little Red being so little, these were the two that spent the most time with us the last several months. Most of the time it would be just for the day but occasionally they would also spend the night  In the above picture they came over for the day and ran errands with me...this was the shopping attire...you can't see it well, but there is a baby doll in the carrier....Little Miss is a mommy in training.

Summer is almost over and schedules are about to change. I called mommy and opened up an invitation to all the grands to spend the night with grandma....as expected the "Middles" took me up on the offer. Usually the day with grandma would be a day accompanying me on errands,  but today they were no plans it was just going to be a hang out day...the best kind of days! We had lunch outside, peanut butter and Nutella and then took advantage of the continued warm weather and had a water ballon fight. You can find bags of water ballons at the Dollar Tree.  *Note, if you are going to do this, fill the ballons ahead of time because it is time consuming*  We had such fun, I loved the screams of delight when a ballon would burst and get them all wet....and of course grandma was a favorite target. *note aim at the feet* They got soaked and had a blast

We spent the rest of the afternoon inside. There was Legos in one corner and Barbies in another, each one lost in play. they stayed through supper then it was time for mommy to pick them up...sad to see them go. things are getting ready to change, Big Guy getting ready to start school next week, so I won't be seeing the "Middles" as much as before,  but there is a new duo on the horizon that may be filling the gap.

I can't wait


Lorraine said...

Love the shopping attire :) Very cute middles!!!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh the middles are just precious...I say the top four and the bottom two...since there is a span of 22 years it is like two families in our family

We did water balloons today and our lego city is out all the time...our boy world...too much fun...we could use some pink around here!!

Now to experience it all again with grands...which is the prayer also of our son and daughter-in-law

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

How precious! Is there a Lego in his hand in that first picture? My oldest grandson is a Lego-holic, so this Nana's eye is always caught by anything Lego-related. ;-)

I never thought of referring to T#2 and T#3 as the middles ... I think they'll have a new nickname.

So glad you'll have a new duo to spend time with ... they're adorable!

Sandy said...

They are just darling, so beautiful, the eyes speak so much. I am waiting for grandchildren! My sons had Legos all over our house for years.

Debbie said...

what a perfect name for that darling little set of grands...love it.

these are just the best of days are 't they? Glad you enjoyed it. And that pair coming up next? adorable! Enjoy your long week-end!