Monday, October 22, 2012

Grandma Days

We have started "Grandma Days" again, this time with my three year old granddaughter.  Grandma days are days you spend with grandma. There is no particular agenda, you just follow grandma around, doing or helping grandma do what grandma does.

This routine started with my oldest granddaughter years ago. Fridays was our day. Her mom would drop her off early in the morning, we would do a little housekeeping...she loved to dust, (I think it was more about the furniture spray than anything else) then she and I would do our errands. We would go to the thrift store, grocery shopping then lunch with Pop Pop, after all that running around we would go home take a nap...yes me too! The rest of the afternoon might be spent baking or gardening or playing. Sometimes it was just watching her run around the deck with her super hero cape flapping in the wind.

        This photo is of my oldest granddaughter helping make Christmas cookies when she was three

This granddaughter is now eleven and remembers those days, in fact it was her talking about it with her siblings that prompted the restarting of Grandma Days with the three year old.

I remember times spent with my own grandmother when I was small. I remember her flower gardens, the sweet rolls she tried to teach me how to make....I never did master them.  The mulberry tree she had in her yard, we picked the mulberries and she would make a pie. I used to look forward to our visits. I was eight when we moved away, visits were then limited to holidays after that...but we kept in touch  with letters and phone calls.

My own sons were able to see their grandparents more but, because my husband was military we were never able to live closer that four hours away, but we made the best of it, we were able to do vacations together, and made road trips for family events and traveled to see them on holidays. This is a photo of my mom and sons, from years ago, mom had come down for a special event my son had.

Technology can help the distance problem these days. There are things like Skype and Face Time where you can "see" your grandchildren everyday if you want. I have a friend who reads to her grandchildren most nights via Skype. I know it's not perfect, but I am thankful for the technology...helps me keep in touch with my out of town family.

Now we found out "Grandma Days" are a little more complicated now that there are four children. Hard to single one out for a "special" day and not include the others, so we came up with a solution. Little Miss spends the day, then we go back and pick up the two oldest after they get off from school and all three get to spend the night and the next day...Little Red still a little young, so she stays with mom.

We tried it this weekend....success. This photo taken at the local Gardens, we decided on a spur of the moment to go on a picnic because the day was so nice. Making the most of every opportunity.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Grandma days are such fun, aren't they? With 4 grands (all in the same family), it's so hard to have some one-on-one time, but when I do, I treasure it!

Debbie said...

How hard I try to make that one on one time with all of my grands. With 9 of them it is VERY difficult. Sometimes I double up. When my kids were growing up I had a day that was totally random and they never knew who it would involve, or when or where we'd go, but I called it "Mom and me" days. I would go to school, take the child out and we would spend the WHOLE day together...lunch, park, movie, shopping, something fun. It only happened once a year for all of them, but how they loved it. I did it from the time they were in KG through their senior year in high school, haha. Now my kids tell their kids, "Oh, be happy, you are getting a Grandma and me day!" That's what this Sat. was for Lindsey and Jeffie as we went to Disneyland. Not usually something that big of course. But the next day when they saw their cousins I heard one of them say to Jeffie, OH, you got a Grandma day, that means I am probably next! I love that they have those memories. But it is a toss up who enjoys them more huh? Them or us....Loved this post!

Debbie said...

I really and truly believe that one thing the world needs is more "grandma" time. Too many families are disconnected. I, too, have a friend who reads via SKYPE. She spends time every morning on SKYPE with her grandson (sons plural now) while their mommy gets morning chores done.

Your grandma time sounds just plain wonderful. Some day I hope to be able to do that too.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Maryann, I so related to this post and spending time with grands. My grandparents passed on long before I was born so I have no memories which makes it all the more important for me to be active in our grands lives. However, with ten grandchildren ranging in age from 11-newborn, it can be difficult to have them spend time here. Usually we have about 5 for dinner and then occasionally we will have four or five for a sleepover.
Thanks for sharing such treasured times with us.
Hugs, Noreen

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I have enjoyed these pics! Wonderful memories being made. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Lorraine said...

I know your grandchildren love this time with you as much as you love it! Such sweet photos :)