Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day Lilly Show

We ran onto a  Day Lilly Show at our last visit to the Botanical Gardens the other day, it was really a nice little surprise. The flowers were beautiful, with many types represented, there were small ones and large ones, singles and doubles, many I had never seen before. They had already been judged...and to be honest I couldn't tell you why one flower would get a blue ribbon and another get a red one...I thought they were all beautiful but I think what fascinated me the most were the flower arrangements. I had never considered putting  Day Lillie's into any type of flower arrangement...after all they are called Day Lillie's for a reason, the blooms generally only last a day, closing up at dusk. When I went through the different rooms I thought about how these gardeners must have been up at dawn collecting just the perfect specimen's. Then they had to get them into an arrangement for judging all before show time....it had to be a pretty frantic morning for them. Perhaps I was thinking about what I would probably be going through if I ever did this...think I will just enjoy their efforts..hope you do too.


Debbie said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow! What gorgeous arrangements! I love day lilies. Thanks for sharing.