Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Weekend Happenings

This past weekend we decided to work on a more permanent solution for our deer problem. We had temporarily extended out picket fence with chicken wire so the deer would not jump over into our backyard. It has been successful, although there is evidence they they have continued to try to jump the fence.

We had resisted putting up a privacy fence on this side of the yard for a long time. We have always felt it isolates you from your neighbors...and makes a yard feel "closed in" but the deer aren't giving us any choice...so the picket fence and chicken wire started to come down and the privacy fence has begun to go up.

Did I mention we still had an extra pair of hands to assist...which was a good thing because I am only a mediocre assistant. We still have a long way to go but the posts are set and most of the framing is done (and the picket fence and chicken wire are down)...which is a good thing because our extra pair of hands leaves for home today.

 We really need to get the outer slates and the gate done by the end of the week. The hard part is done (I think) Looking ahead to some full evenings and a busy "Furlough Friday"this week.


Debbie said...

Good morning! All looking good...glad you had an extra pair of hands! Eager to see finished product! Enjoy your day!

NanaNor's said...

What a great solution. In California we always had deer in the front yard, which stopped me from planting pretty plants for them to eat. We have five foot high fences in the yard here and I like it because several neighbors have dogs that would fight with our dogs. In fact, although I used to want to live without fences but now appreciate them. Hope this solves the problem.
Hugs, Noreen

Camille said...

Looks great my friend! Love the creative use of the little car...so cute. :)

Have a wonderful week!


Lea said...

Oh, those deer, those deer! WE have them nearby but not in our yard and it's a miracle. They can be so, so pesky, as you well know. Glad you had some extra hands to help with that big project.

I always enjoy stopping by your place, such a lovely blog.

Wishing you His blessings for this new week!

Marian said...

Que bello jardín, y que hermoso es
trabajar para la naturaleza.
¡Gracias! Dios le bendiga.

camp and cottage living said...

Too bad you have to put a fence up, but I think it will look nice when you're finished.

Vee said...

It looks like a friendly fence to me! You've got to do what you can to protect your property. Deer are so beautiful, but they are death to a garden.

Tracy said...

Hi Maryann, it always feel good at the end of the day, when we achieve something we set out to do. Great post on getting things done.
God bless
ps: love all your flowers

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I think you made a good decision with the privacy fence ... open enough that it won't feel too closed in. Glad you had an extra pair of hands to help with it.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I like the way the fence is looking! We do not have deer to tend with ~ I hear they are so hard to keep away and your fence will finally do that. Although small, our rabbits and groundhogs can devour lots in the garden!

Anonymous said...

Maryann, thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Very nice to meet you. I hope the deer leave your garden alone after the fence is installed. We have practically every woodland creature you can imagine in our backyard.


PS I am a garden lady too. :-)