Monday, June 23, 2014

A Day With No Schedule

Every now and again you need a day when you have nothing on the schedule, no list of things to do, no places you need to be...sometimes you need a day to recharge. My husband needed one of those days last week. He had his usual responsibilities at work but in addition we had two broken air conditioning units that he had to work on after he got home, and of course, it was in the 90's most of the week, making our house pretty hot and difficult to sleep in. We knew by Friday there was nothing else that he could do to get them fixed, he done all that he could do, it was now time to step back and wait for the calvary...in the meantime, he needed a break.

We decided to have a "No Schedule"  day. We started our day at a local sandwich shop that had recently remodeled. We had lunch outside on a picnic table under a shade tree, (can you think of a better place to drink ice tea and eat sandwiches? )After our lunch we decided to head to the beach. It's early in the season so the crowds are still kind of light, there are plenty of places to park and places to sit when you want to rest. We walked the boardwalk, did some people watching, took photos and called it a day.

Later that evening my husband got a message from an old friend, he would be out the next day to look at the air conditioning units. In the end our friend was able to recharge one unit (it still has some life in it), so our downstairs is cool,  but the other unit is good and dead after 22 years of service.  (can't really complain about that)

I know this may not really sound like good news to some, but I actually think it all turned out pretty well, we only are going to have to replace one unit, and we got to reconnect with an old friend, and we were able to spend a day at the beach. There is always something that we can be thankful for in every situation, don't you think?


Creations By Cindy said...

Yes, I need a day without schedule! Enjoy your time! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I operate under the theory that there's almost always a silver lining ... sometimes we just have to look hard to find it. ;-)

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a No Schedule day!

Camille said...

Your photos are gorgeous. Your no schedule day seems to have been a success. :) So sorry about the A/C unit you have to replace. What a blessing that you were able to recharge one and reconnect with an old friend in the process of it all. Happy Summer to you! Love, Camille