Monday, June 9, 2014


In 1975

  • Gerald Ford was president
  • The median household income was 11,800
  • Price of a first class stamp was 10 cents
  • A gallon of gas would cost you around 44 cents
  • The average home price was 11,787 (we paid $150 month for a furnished apartment)
  • The Eagles and Chicago were popular music groups
  • Saigon had fallen, and the Vietnam War was officially over
  • Jaw's and Towering Inferno were some of the movies playing in the theaters
  • Leisure Suits were fashionable for men...as were blue tuxedos...really they were!

And in 1975 we were married, and just so you don't have to do any quick math in your head, that makes 39 years. We celebrated with a little getaway to Williamsburg, reminisced about days past and thought about what the future might hold for us. What a ride it has been...there has been good, bad and everything in between...I think it's called life...and I wouldn't have "written" it any other way!

Dinner  Saturday night over looking the York River


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy 39th Anniversary!!!

What a lovely couple, then and now.

I wish you continued joy and much more love ~ FlowerLady

Camille said...

Congratulations! I am thankful for YOU my friend. May the Lord continue to lead you and give you His grace and peace day by day. May He give you many more years to serve Him together. Hugs, Camille

living from glory to glory said...

Happy Anniversary!!
You both look wonderful!
And I do think we are really blessed to have wonderful steady men we can depend on! God has blessed you, dear friend!I like that you looked at what the future might hold and gave a glance to what has transpired.
Thanks for sharing...

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Happy anniversary!

Cheryl said...

Happy anniversary to you both!! How nice to get away and reminisce and look ahead...and Williamsburg is certainly a lovely place to go.

Love your wedding photo! Your dress is so pretty, the tux is so '70's. :) (My husband wore a similar tux when he was an usher in his cousin's wedding in 1977.)

The blessing of the Lord on a marriage is marvelous grace!

Debbie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Glad you had a nice celebration. You are the same as us. Married in 1975! Your hubby's tuxedo was very similar to my hubbys too. They were the height of fashion, haha. May the Lord bless you with many more!

Creations By Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the commitment that you've both made to one another! God is good. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Sandy said...

How wonderful! Thirty-nine years! Congratulations to you both!

podso said...

Happy Anniversary, we are just a couple of years ahead. My sister's groom wore s very similar tux. Seems lots of people were wearing the blue then!

Vee said...

Happy Anniversary! You two look great!

I had to chuckle over the powder blue tux
(dashing really! ) and am grateful that the pink wedding gowns of the 50s didn't coincide with the powder blue tuxes of twenty years later.

Lea said...

Oh, Williamsburg, love it!! I have been there so many times as all my Mom's family lived in that area and a couple still do.

We just celebrated our 43rd last Friday. Not sure where the years have gone.

Happy weekend!!!