Saturday, November 8, 2014


Pictures don't always tell the whole story, sometimes you need audio too, but since I don't have that, let me fill you in on some details of this photo.

I had arranged with DIL to set up a face time session, so we could talk to the grandchildren. What the children didn't know was that I had also asked their favorite Aunt and her boyfriend to come over for dinner during that very same time. We wanted to surprise them.

We started the session before their Aunt arrived, and chatted about what we were all doing that night, I told my granddaughter we were having friends over for dinner. (probably shouldn't have said that) I think my eldest granddaughter was suspicious because she kept asking me who was coming over for dinner.

The doorbell soon rang and husband escorted our guests in and we sat them in front of the screen. All I heard for the next five minutes were squeals and giggles of delight. It was a very good day.

The Lord continues to be oh so gracious in our lives. He gives us delights even in the difficult places.


Lea said...

Awe, FaceTime is so awesome when families have many miles between them. Happy you have this connection with them.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How wonderful for all of you to be able to connect this way.

Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

Debbie said...

Don't you just LOVE that? How fortunate we are these days to have such a thing. Glad you enjoyed!