Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Life has been so full these last few weeks. We've had expected and unexpected events fill our days this month and in our attempt at getting through these days I have lost track of the time. Can it really be the middle of February already? Instead of giving a running account of events, let me instead list the things I can be thankful for today.

Safe travels on wintery roads. We've made two trips to the mountains in the last couple of weeks. The first trip we drove through some terrible icy roads, there were accidents all around us, we were protected. This week, after a failed first attempt to leave town (our car couldn't make it up the snow covered hills) we were finally able to head back south. After we had gotten out of town my husband suggested prayer because the roads and weather ahead were questionable, I started praying and texted others to do the same. I am thankful for the prayers of others and thankful that we were able to get home safely

I am thankful for my sweet friend who thought lunch and a trip to Hobby Lobby would be a great distraction for me. Our times together are always ones of encouragement, she lets me talk then reminds me of truth, I do the same for her.

I am thankful for the community of believers God has knit us into.

I am thankful for good test results.

I am thankful for my handy guy who is painting and fixing my downstairs bathroom...I can't remember who's bright idea it was to start that project....might have been me, but I thankful he is so willing to complete it.

I am thankful for our Sweet Lady. The world would say she was disabled, but the Lord uses her to teach me things all the time. She has a gentle spirit and is a delight to everyone she calls friend.(which is everyone)  She makes me laugh and humbles me with her attitude, she is a delight.

I am thankful for a praying husband. Last summer my husband was asked if he was going to continue as a community group leader. He prayed about it, but never had peace about continuing so he said no. Initially he wondered if he had made the right decision, there were some that expected him to continue. Looking at what life looks like right now there is no question he made the right decision.

How about you, can you think of something you have to be thankful about today?

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a nice post filled with lots of thankfulness.

Have a lovely Valentine's weekend ~ FlowerLady