Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello June

Hello June, we are really glad you are here.
It's been such a busy Winter and Spring, which has been evident by the neglect of my little blog.

We have been busy, ridding Winter debris and making it look like Spring again. Sweet Husband and been staining and cleaning and raking and digging. one *fun* event was cleaning out the gutters. I was tasked to *hold* the ladder while he blew water through the gutters with a power washer. He had suggested I wear a hat because I could get wet. I should have thought it through more. He was cleaning out the gutters, where was all the gutter debris going to go? I didn't realize it would be raining down on me, the hat did me little good as I ended up being soaked with gutter goop. I got suspicious that getting me wet was in the plan the whole time...lol

There is still work to be done, painting, mending of fences, replacing doors, more staining but things are done enough for us to be able to sit outside and enjoy the quiet time in the garden.

Our biggest challenge has been the rain. Either it's raining or the ground is too wet because it had been raining, so that has slowed us down a bit when it comes to working outside. The photo below was taken on Memorial Day as Tropical Storm Bonnie paid a visit. Made for quite a wet day and an interesting one for us because we had our Community Group over for a barbecue. It was a bit wet but that seemed to add to the enjoyment.

I hear there's rain in the forecast for the next week, my plants will love it and it will save me from having to water. Here a little of what is blooming in our garden, what's blooming in yours.


Camille said...

Lovely to see you here my friend! :) Ah, yes...rain...we need it, but, if we get too much of it, we can get weary of it, can't we? This spring we planted grass seed and had to water daily. So, when the rains come, it frees us up from that task. It looks like you've had LOTS of rain! What gorgeous flowers are blooming in your garden. Too funny about the gutter goop....you are a good sport. It is wonderful to freshen things up after the winter, isn't it? Hugs, Camille

Debbie said...

You have such gorgeous flowers blooming! Really lovely. How I wish you could share some of your rain. We got a little more then usual this year, but not nearly the amount we need... Funny story about the rain gutters...I give you lots of credit, don't know if I'd been up for that, lol. Enjoy your days!

Lea said...

Sounds like you have been a busy gal! You sure have some pretty plants and know you enjoy all the beauty. Happy Spring!

Cheryl said...

I am nodding my head in agreement as I read through your post. Nodding at the busy winter/spring...same here! Nodding at the aversion to being a ladder-holder...hate that! Nodding at the wet, wet weather...same here too.

Thank the Lord for blooms and for gatherings!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello... Yes, this is such a busy time of the year! It was good to read your post and to see your doing well!
Hugs, Roxy

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the roses! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Debbie Kay said...

Your roses are beautiful, I wish we had some rain here in California, just hot and dry.

So nice to have found your blog.


Debbie Kay