Monday, July 18, 2016


I came across a post format idea awhile ago and wanted to use it on my own blog. After contacting a blog friend I found out that Jennifer Jo was the one that had this idea, so I contacted her to get her permission to use it on my blog and she said yes.  So here is my first Quotidian Post. Thank you Jennifer

Quotidian  (7/18/16)
                   Quotidian: daily usual, customary, everyday, ordinary, commonplace

Lot of DIY going on over at our house this week. When the weather is rainy it's time to do the inside projects that have been waiting to be done. This door hasn't been painted since we have lived in this house, it was still the "Country Blue" that was so popular in the 80's. Now it matches our front door.

Young son paid us an unexpected visit because he had a job in town. These shoes were left behind in a closet, we boxed them up and shipped them to him. He was here earlier in the month as well, and left a pair of shoes that time as well that we ended up shipping.

It won't be long for tomatoes, I have three plants that are just covered. I shouldn't really plant them because we also get tomatoes each week in our CSA basket but I can't help myself

Airing out scarves that have been in storage for years, looks kind of festive doesn't it?

One of the last of the Day Lilly's blooming in the yard

Coming for a visit soon!

Hope you all  have a wonderful week!


Camille said...

What FUN!!! I am glad you have begun your own set of *Quotidian* posts my friend. It's a great way to remember the everyday blessings of the lives we live. XOXO

Lea said...

Cute post and I've never heard of Quotidian. Have a great new week!