Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thankful Thursday

It seems like forever since I have done a Thankful Thursday and since I was inspired last night by a friend to focus more on being grateful, I thought it was time to do one again.

I have struggled the last several weeks for a variety of reasons and have found myself focusing more on what is not than what is, and the many things I have to be grateful for. I want to see the blessings each day and to praise God for them.

So this week I am thankful for

1. The ladies in our small group. our group hasn't meet in several weeks because of the holidays then the weather. I was encouraged last night by these women as they pointed to various scriptures and truths. We need fellow believers in our lives to help point us to God's truths. I am thankful for these ladies.

2. For the visit we had with our youngest son during the holidays. We were able to see a movie together and play some Top Golf, plus I had a chauffeur whenever we had to go anywhere during the day

3 Safe travels for my son. He left for his home right before the storm

4.The gifts we got from our children for Christmas. One gave us a gift card for Airbnb because as my daughter in law stated "We know how much you like staying in other peoples houses" I think she was trying to be humorous but we are going to use it and I love how they got us something that was personal for us. My other son took some of the old movies from my in laws and made it into a DVD. My husband was surprised and very touched, we enjoyed watching my husband as a boy and his sister chasing chickens. I am thankful for my sons and my daughter in love.

5. Health and strength to do what we need to do each day. I don't think about it much until someone I know is struggling with an illness or we are having problems, but it is something I want to be more thankful for.

6.Sweet Lady's continued health and how happy she is where she lives. She loves to sit in the Lobby/Living Room area and when anyone comes in for a tour she will be one of the first ones to ask if they are looking to live there and if they say yes she will "talk up" the place. Hearing that makes our heart happy.

So that's some of what I am thankful for today and I hope have a change of focus as time goes on. How about you, what can you be thankful for?

Oh, did I mention the snow is all gone, it was close to 70 today...I can be thankful for that!


Debbie said...

I enjoyed your list, and it is definitely a good one. Like you I too want to focus more on all that I have been blessed with, even what seems to be just the little things. There is soo much. I haven't listed mine out recently, but I am going to do so if only in my own journal. Have a good week-end!

Lea said...

we could all benefit from being more thankful for sure. Enjoyed your list and it caused me to stop and think of all I have to be thankful for. Blessings!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for this timely reminder, Maryann!

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Creations By Cindy said...

Awe sweet Maryann, I am so thankful for so much. My cup runneth over with my gratefulness to our Lord! Hugs and blessings, Cindy