Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Bride

We celebrated our wedding anniversary last week, it was our thirty seventh. I went digging through the closet to find an old wedding picture and found a box of old letters we had written each other while hubby was on sea duty, no email back then.  I decided to stop and read a couple of the letters I had written....my poor husband...not exactly an encouraging letter...I read another one... the next one wasn't any better. Needless to say I didn't read anymore...made me very aware of God's grace in our lives.

I was young, I didn't realize marriage was supposed to be hard. I was so clueless! I was unprepared to be a wife, let alone a military wife. Early days were difficult, we were far from family and any kind of familiar support and husband was gone quite a bit. I can tell you now that it was all part of God's plan,  he was taking us to the end of ourselves, and it was a journey that would take several years.  Our marriage changed when we were stationed in Scotland, it was there that we became believers. Our marriage began to change. (it's a continuing process) We began living for something bigger than ourselves.

That was over thirty years ago...hard to believe.
We spent our anniversary doing the things we enjoy, husband took the day off and puttered around the house, we went to the oceanfront for dinner...tourist season hasn't started yet... and even got to hear the symphony...they were playing in a outside venue next to the restaurant. Thankful to be able to celebrate another anniversary with my guy


camp and cottage living said...

Congrats to you and hubby.
Marraige is always a growing process, I believe.
And, thank the Lord, He's always there to help us through the rough times too!

Debbie said...
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Creations By Cindy said...

Oh, so glad I read this! Happy Anniversary to the both of you. You look In Love all the more! God's grace...His wonderful grace! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Reformed rebel said...

Happy Anniversary Maryann. God is so good in knowing just the right way to help us grow in HIM!

Blessings to you...Chelle

LDH said...

Happy anniversary to you both! I could tell as soon as I saw your wedding photo that we were married about the same time. I think my husband wore the same tux just in a different color. Same eyeglasses and sideburns too :) My dress and veil was very similar to yours. We will be married 37 years in October.

We had moved to a different state for a new job and that is where we became Christians. We were away from family and friends too. We were invited to hear an evangelist from England. That was September 1978

Sweet post :)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a precious post...congratulations, thanks for setting a standard of what marriage is all about.

We have done it in reverse...early marriage was easy and the years after 25 have been a struggle...this week is our 32nd.

Thanks for your encouraging email..I agreed with it all...so many are going through so much, and may more than one thing...I could relate to many of the things you mentioned. God is building a strong Bride

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Congratulations! Marriage isn't easy ... but we have a guide who helps us through the difficult times.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, What a lovely wedding photo-we celebrate our 34th this coming Sunday-the 17th. It is amazing to look back and see how young we all were; for me how far from Grace I was but thank you Lord for saving me.
The years pass quickly and keep getting sweeter.
Hugs today and belated Happy Anniversary.

Camille said...

Oh Maryann...what a beautiful testimony of God's Grace! How precious the LORD is!! Happy anniversary to you both (a little late...sorry about that)!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debbie said...

I'm so sorry to be late with my well wishes. Happy Anniversary!! I was a June bride too. You were a beautiful couple and still are.