Friday, September 6, 2013


This is birthday season for our family. In a span of two weeks we have celebrated the birthdays of both                                                       sons and one grand daughter.

My grand daughter was twelve this year....twelve. These last couple of weeks I have been acutely aware of how fast time is going by, in another five years my grand daughter will be graduating from high school...I see the transformation from little girl to young lady happening before my eyes.

 Mamas, mamas enjoy those little ones, they grow so fast. I know when you are in the midst of raising a family there are times when you are just trying to get through the day, but take the time to enjoy your children, make the most of every opportunity, teach them in the ways of the Lord, they will be grown before you know it. I think that's why my husband and I jump at any chance to spend time with our grands...after  raising two sons, we both realize how quickly the time passes...they are little for such a short while. I know you have heard it a million times but it is true.

That brings me to the last birthday we just celebrated, that of our youngest son. He's an adorable little boy don't you think? Well this photo was taken over twenty years ago....doesn't seem possible!  Not a little boy anymore.... Make the most of every opportunity!

My youngest son is all grown up, working as a musician. This photo was taken back in June when my husband and I took our grand daughter up to DC to see her uncle 

Life can be so busy that you can forget what is most important. Time goes by so quickly, make the most of every opportunity. 


Debbie said...

I just couldn't agree more with all of this! Such a good looking guy, and his daughter is a little beauty. Enjoy your week-end!

Camille said...

What a lovely post my friend. Such a blessing to read your words. Yes, time does fly by...I am keenly aware of it! Keenly. Thank you for your sweet encouragement to be *all there* in the busy days of life. I enjoyed seeing the photo of your young man as a boy...so fun! What a blessing that you were able to do that trip with your granddaughter to go visit him as he performed. God is Good! Love, Camille

Lea said...

So true and if I could go back I would enjoy my children even more and I enjoyed them a bunch the first go around. But, I'm trying to enjoy our Grans even more.

I think the crock pot liners are by Reynolds. They are with the ziplock bags and such. They are a must have for a crock pot!

Happy weekend!

NanaNor's said...

Perfectly said! We need to cherish every day; we never know when it might be our last or our loved ones last day. Thanks for this great reminder; the photos are priceless.
Hugs, Noreen

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your two sweeties!

Stephanie said...

Time does go by way too quickly. Thank you for the reminder to cherish each moment :) Happy Birthday to your sweeties! Hugs :)