Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Looking for a way to prepare your heart during the Christmas season? I was looking for for an Advent devotional and stumbled across this little gem, Solid Joys This is a daily devotional from the Ministries of  John Piper. The devotional can be viewed via computer, but there is also a free App that can be downloaded to your IPhone and IPad. How cool is that, and even I was able to figure out how to download it without help.

The readings and scripture for December have been focused on the Advent Season, which is what I was looking for. There are some things about this season that I don't like but I am not ready to throw out the baby with the bath water yet. (Christmas that is)

Christmas continues to change for us. We continue to simplify each year, keeping the traditions we enjoy like making cookies and looking at lights with less focus on the gifts. Last year we made many of the gifts we gave.  Want to keep your focus on Christ this season? This devotional is a great way to be reminded of the reason we, as Christians, celebrate the season...give it a look, won't you?


Ceil said...

Hi Maryann! I have an iPAD so I'll look for this app to download. I love Advent and its call to quiet and prayer. This will help me!
We are definitely downsizing our Christmas this year. We'll be with my daughter and family for the holidays. She is due with baby #2 on 12/20, so it will be great to help out.

Blessings and thanks again for the app!

Delvalina said...

Hello Maryann,

Thank you for stopping by on my blog. Ceil is just beautiful friend, and I'm glad that God allows to get to know her more :)
Thank you for reminding me again about devotional time. As God has remind me couple days ago, and here when I stop by in this space I am reminded again. I will look to see that App and can't wait to do with it. Thanks for this beautiful suggestion.

I love your packages idea for old ornaments, I must try too see if I can still have some old ornaments.
I love every picture here and especially the posts. Following you now.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear Friend,
I am going to go and check out this Devotional. We also have been preparing our hearts for Him!
This is an amazing time when so many our open to His truth!
The miracle of The Living Gospel!
I am so happy to have been given you as a new friend this year! I truly believe in His connecting of His Body all over the world!
Blessings, Roxy