Friday, December 13, 2013

Sweet Treats

Last year my husband and I wanted to give our children something for Christmas that they could enjoy all year round. We came up with the idea of preparing them something to eat on a monthly basis.  We created a book that featured three entrees to chose from for each month. They call us, let us know their choice and we deliver it. The meal is complete with sides and dessert, perfect for a busy family.

We wanted to do something similar for the out of town son and decided on baked goods. He also had a book but his featured three baked goods that he could chose from each month. This month he chose oatmeal cookies.

Since the baked goods have to be shipped I gave him choices that would travel well. He was able to choose from various types of cookies, brownies, and cakes. Breads and muffins also worked well. Although he had three items to choose from each month, he could  also choose anything from a previous month. That way if you had a favorite you could get it again and again. I made White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cake and Chocolate Cappuccino Cake several times. 

When I knew he was coming home for a visit I would send him home with his goodie in order to save on shipping. I purchased several Sterilite Cake containers from Target and found the baked goods shipped well and stayed fresh in those. Son would bring the empties home whenever he visited to be reused. It 's a gift that gives all year long and one that is enjoyed.


Debbie said...

What a perfectly wonderful idea...I bet they ALL love this! I know my family would. I wondered how you would ship cakes, but you answered for me well, lol...Enjoy your week-end!

no spring chicken said...

Love this idea! Not only is it practical... but you get to share the love of the season every month. Love it!

Blessings, Debbie