Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Days

Can you believe we are at the end of January? Two more months till spring, not that I'm counting!

I don't know what you all do in January but for us it's a month of cleaning up and clearing out. After we had taken down all of our Christmas items and corralled them into our back room, we then sorted through everything, including things that never made it out of storage. Two hours and several empty boxes later the task was done. We had a car load of stuff for donation and just as much that went into the trash...how did we get all that stuff?

You know it's time to sort through stuff when you have boxes that haven't been opened in over four years...I know this because we found boxes that were taped shut and dated.

I have lots of cupboards, drawers an closets to still go through but this was a great start for the new year. Getting rid of what we don't need or use has kind of been a theme in our lives in the last several months....simplify, simplify, simplify! 

Cooler indoor days means I am able to do a little more reading than during the warmer months. The Alice Water's book was a gift, as was the How Fargo of You, the others are books I've had and decided to read again. Morning and Evening is a daily devotional written by C.H. Spurgeon, and is one I use on a regular basis.

Colder weather also means lots of warm soups and stews and bread are being made in our kitchen. We haven't bought bread from the store in months because we've been making sour dough bread on a weekly basis. My husband has been a big help with this....he's got the technique down pat!
Our young son gave us a starter last fall and not only we have managed to keep it alive but we've also made some yummy bread in the process. 

We have also had the opportunity to do some *face time* with the grandchildren. I know there are down sides to technology but I am thankful to be able to *see* and talk to my grandchildren at the same time.

Thrifting and sending them the treasures I find helps me feel connected, and little treats are always fun to get in the mail.

So that's been what our winter days have been looking like.  The days have been a little slower pace than before Christmas but productive. Perhaps I shouldn't be counting down the days till spring but instead enjoy the different pace that this time of year gives us. How about you do you enjoy the winter months?


NanaNor's said...

Happy Friday Maryann, Winter is definitely slower here for us; hubby plays senior badminton and I am usually working on a quilt. This year has been even different with facing surgery in a couple of weeks. I love the sunny days and can't wait til spring; here in Colorado though it can be rainy and muddy.
Good job on weeding out your unneeded things.
Have a great weekend.

Debbie said...

Oh how I need to get busy and go through some things too. Our closet is out of control (it's huge and everything I don't know what to do with seems to find it's way there) and several other closets and cupboards as well. You may have inspired me. I LOVE to facetime with the grands...soo fun. I haven't noticed a slower pace yet as I have been so busy getting ready for the parties. Maybe after that...lol. Enjoy your week-end!

Lea said...

Oh, sounds like you are doing what I am doing as I prepare for our move. But, I'm afraid that I am not simplifying near enough. But, I am trying to be very diligent in the process.

I do not like winter in the least and I cannot wait until Spring but we're still a couple of months away.

Yes, FaceTime is so wonderful when you have long distance family. And, I love sending my little Grandson "happy boxes" and will be doing that for Valentine's. Even though they are just 3 1/2 hours away, I still like to send him surprises.

Happy weekend!

Patty said...

I have been wanting to make some sour dough bread for some time. I just keep forgetting to get a starter. Would love to do this soon!

Cleaning out always brings such a good feeling when accomplished. Such a good time to do it also while the weather is not so inviting to get out.

Cheryl said...

I'm afraid I have not accomplished as much in the "January clean out" department as I would like, but this has been a busier January for us than is typical. I hope to keep chipping away at little clean ups until our summer homeschool break. That's when I can really get things done! :)

Love your "happy packages"! Yes, we grandmothers see things through grandmother eyes, don't we?

Your bread is making my mouth water...

Camille said...

So lovely to see your happenings my friend. I *love* to clear out and simplify too. I think January is a great month to do it in!! Hugs to you, Camille

Creations By Cindy said...

It must be in the air....I too have been busy cleaning out closets, redoing this and that and have a list of projects to do. Trying to simplify my lifestyle as well and can I say that is hard for me! I am such a pack-rat, hoarder, or whatever it is they call it these days! I am having to make myself have the mind-set of.....IF YOU AIN'T USED IT OR WORE IT in 10 years CINDY chances are you aren't! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy