Friday, January 2, 2015

December Gathering the Moments

One last Gathering the Moments for the year 2014. It was a memorable year to be sure and December was a month that had all kinds of gathering events.

It was a busy month and in a way that was a good thing. We visited family for an early Christmas gathering at my sister's place. Four of the five siblings were able to come, and as a bonus I was able to love on my sister's grandchildren.

We were able to do face time with our grandchildren a couple of times, it's always hard to say goodbye when we are on and their absence was felt this month in particular.

We kept busy with Care Group and Church activities, and got to sing the Messiah again this year.

Our young son was able to come home for a short visit but had to leave earlier than planned because of a job....so we decided instead of staying home we would make an impromptu visit to DC. Why DC you ask, well, we've got this deal with a certain musician. He's offered us a place to stay whenever we're in town. So since my son couldn't come home for very long we decided to stay with him a few days.

We are thankful to our son and his housemates for their hospitality, these guys were quite gracious to us more seasoned individuals and made us feel at home while we were there.

While our son was working during the day we were touring around the city, we didn't get to see him much but it was still the perfect way to spend the holiday for us this year.

Bonus...we were able to connect with an old friend for lunch while we were up there.

It was a different holiday this year, and we have some nice memories from it.

I've enjoyed doing these monthly "Gathering the Moments" with Cheryl, it's a way of counting our blessings and remembering all that God has done.


Stephanie said...

Your family is so beautiful, Maryann, just like you :) Family is simply precious and what a blessing to have these sweet moments with them.

Hugs to you!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great photos of you and your family.

May 2015 be a wonderful year for all of you ~ FlowerLady

Cheryl said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed "gathering" with you over these past months, Maryanne!! Your words are always filled with grace and give honor to the Lord who provides.

I am glad to know that you and your husband were given times of gathering with others during the holidays, even as your hearts were sorely missing your son and his family.

Your shot of the Washington Monument is lovely!

Vee said...

A wonderful gathering of moments. Changes are not always easy and I think you and your husband rolled with them beautifully, which allowed you to enjoy the season in new ways. (And I like to think that you prayed for the nation while in the capital. We need it so.) You have a beautiful family and that grandbaby, your sister's?, is adorable!