Thursday, May 28, 2015

Needed Reminders

What is your only comfort
 in life and death?

That I am not my own
   but belong with body and soul
   both in life and in death
   to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ.
He has fully paid for all my sins
   with his precious blood,
   and has set me free
   from all the power of the devil.
He also preserves me in such a way
   that without the will of my heavenly Father
   not a hair can fall from my head,
   indeed, all things must work together
   for my salvation.
Therefore, by his Holy Spirit
   he also assures me
   of eternal life
   and makes me heartily willing and ready
   from now on to live for him

from the Heidelberg's Catechism-The Lord's Day 1

This may seem like a random post, but these were words really spoke to my heart the other day. I bought a book by Elyse Fitzpatrick several years ago called "A Steadfast Heart" included with the book was a CD with readings from scripture, poems, prayers and a couple of songs. I was running errands yesterday and decided to listen to that CD. (I've listened to it before but it's been awhile)

I probably let that CD loop four or five times and this reading was the one that keep getting my attention. I heard "I am not my own" "not a hair can fall from my head, indeed all things must work together for my salvation" "he assures me of eternal life" over and over. There is something to be said about hearing something repeatedly....I was listening

It had been one of those days, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I had to do, add to that a little self pity and you get the picture...not pretty.  Listening to this reading helped me take my focus off what was driving my emotions. It was a reminder that my days are in his hands, even when I feel like they are out of control. It was a reminder that he was working every situation for my good. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Some days can be very overwhelming, and it is reading bits like you did that give us the encouragement to keep trusting in Jesus to tenderly take care of us.

May today be a good one for you ~ FlowerLady

Cheryl said...

Ahhhh...don't we all need such reminders?! It is so easy to revert to the opposite thinking...but I need to come back to the basic principle that "I am not my own."

Debbie said...

LOVED this! Such a good reminder I too needed that this morning, so thank you for putting this up!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

It's so easy to forget those truths. Thanks for reminding us.

Lea said...

Wonderful truths that we all need to be reminded of as we go through life. It's so easy for me to feel overwhelmed and I have to keep reminding myself of who is in control and who will see me through. Lovely post!