Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday's Memories

This pink Barbie Car was a gift to my oldest granddaughter, from her mom and dad for Christmas one year.Her parents found it on ebay and had it shipped to our house, where it has "lived" in our garage ever since. I think Miss B was either four or five when they bought it for her and it has been used by each grandchild.

Whenever the children would come over to our house and the weather was nice, they would try to convince their Pop Pop to pull it out so they could drive it.

Even though it was pink, it appealed to both my granddaughters and grandson, and any other child that came to visit. Yes that is my grandson with that red hair!

When the two oldest were too big to ride in the car, they would run along as the two youngest girls took turns driving.

Sometimes it didn't turn out so well. This was a memorable photo.  I'm sure my son will pull it out when my granddaughter decides it time for her to learn to drive. No real harm was done to either car. We did get a lot of laughs over this. You see how fast Little Red is getting out of the car, she didn't want any part of the accident.

Last summer the girls drove the car when they came to visit. Little Red did just fine but Little Miss found it a bit cramped for her long legs, she managed however, she didn't want to miss the opportunity to drive the pink Barbie Car. It was apparent they were going to be too big for the car soon.

My daughter in law has given me the okay to sell the car, she doesn't think anyone will be small enough to drive it the next time they visit, but I'm not quit ready yet.

I hate the thought of the car leaving,  Maybe I'll get a chance to see a grandchild ride in it one more time before I have to let it go. Who knew there would be so many memories associated with a pink Barbie Car.


NanaNor's said...

What a fun car for your grands. I remember getting by nephew a Big Wheels when he was a toddler and my girls even used it as they got big enough. Never had an electric car, but my oldest had one for her kiddos. So glad your lasted so long, hope one more child gets to drive it.
Hope you have a fantastic week.

Cheryl said...

Such treasured memories associated with the little pink car!! We are finding such treasures as we clean out 35 years of attic stuff. Some we are able to part with; some we are compelled to keep. So much life...

Creations By Cindy said...

Sweet little ride there but beautiful kiddos. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Debbie said...

Such sweet, sweet memories go along with that little car...I can see why your reluctant to let go of it. I have a bookcase full of toys that sits in our laundry room waiting for when the grands come which honestly isn't very often anymore. HALF of the grands have out grown them but it sure doesn't stop them for pulling them out when the are here and saying..."hey! remember this?" lol. I am sure I will be just like you and treasure them LONG after they are finally forgotten. Enjoy your week!