Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Happenings

When my sons were growing up we spent most 4th of July weekends camping either in a rented pop-up or a tent. Campgrounds were fun, the boys could swim, ride their bikes, play miniature golf or even go fishing (depending on where we were) Haven't camped in ages, what did we do this year?

              Little swim time at the local pool. This is my son with two of my grandchildren.

Then back to our house for some "extreme" badminton. In addition to a racket you get a water gun, the idea is to distract your opponent. Grandson was particularly good at this.

Of course you can't play badminton without a crown.

We ended the day with pulled pork my husband had smoked the night before. (when you do this be prepared to have your neighbors at your door with plate in hand.

With all the festivities of the holiday, let's not forget what we are celebrating. Thankful that we live in a country that is free and thankful to all of those who sacrifice so much to keep it that way.

Hope you were able to make some memories this weekend.


Nicole said...

Happy 4th of July from Canada!

no spring chicken said...

I had a very memorable celebration, thank you! It looks like yours was grand. I appreciate all of the tips you shared about badminton! Who knew that you needed to wear a tiara and carry a gun (of the squirt variety)? I'm sure this will improve my game. :)

Blessings, Debbie