Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip

My husband and son are on the road, heading south, a little later than expected, things didn't go exactly as planned, something about a car, a repair shop that couldn't find a part, had to go three hours away to find it, too much money later, car is now on the road..

Husband is driving a big red pickup truck, you can't miss it, there is a mattress and box spring sticking out of the top of the truck bed, like a sail on a boat (actually this is a blessing in disguise, son won't have to buy a used mattress) They are not traveling together, the musician had to drop some stuff off before he left.

Because of the late start they will make the trip in two days, with a goal of stopping here for the night.

I was glad I stayed behind, good for them, (having father son time always good) and it's been good for me (had some time to read) but I am ready for my husband to be home. Don't really like them on the road at night...there goes that control thing again. OK Lord they are yours, keep them alert and bring them back safely. Help me Lord to put my trust in you.

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you  Isaiah 26:3


Trisha said...

So glad all worked out with the vehicle and that they're safe. I don't like it when my husband is away, either. May you have sweet sleep tonight, Maryann, as you remember they're in the perfect care of the Lord.

Debbie said...

I have learned to lean on that verse more times than I can count. I pray that your husband comes "sailing" home before you know it.

I've never visited DC. I have it on my "must see" list.

Farm Girl said...

I hope you have a nice time. I never can get anything done when they are gone. I kind of pace around. It is good though for your son and husband.
I hope it cools off for you soon.