Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Missing Umbrella

This past weekend was rainy, days that required umbrellas if one was to venture out. Umbrellas tend to disappear at our house, I don't know where they go.

It hadn't been long since we had seen them, the weather had started to get rainy a couple of weeks ago and my husband had dug two out of the closet. What had happened to them? No children to blame, it's just the two of us.

We searched high and low, checked the closets and the cars. Each was sure the other had misplaced the needed umbrellas. I was convinced that my husband had put the umbrellas somewhere...after all I hadn't used an umbrella in months. I was very insistent that I was not the guilty party

Husband eventually found one of the umbrellas on a hanger with a coat over it...he remembered doing that..other one was still missing in action.

Well can you guess what happened when I went to work on Monday, there sitting right next to my desk was the missing umbrella...my husband was right, it was me!  When did I take it to work?

I could have just taken it home and he would never have known the difference but I knew I needed to tell him that I had found that umbrella and that it was indeed me who had misplaced it...lots of grace was given, his response when I told him...that's OK, we both forget things.

God graciously continues to show me things about myself that still need changing, this time using a lost umbrella


Debbie said...

I truly relate to this. Sometimes, I catch myself literally lamenting out loud about something only to discover that I'm the culprit.

camp and cottage living said...

Oh MaryAnn, he has his hands so...full working on me still. I can truly relate to this one!
Thanks for sharing-Kimberly

no spring chicken said...

Oh how I hate it when I'm wrong... I guess God used your umbrella to show me a little something about myself too!

Blessings, Debbie

Petra said...

Oh, this is good! I hate to be wrong but God loves to show me the truth by using special people like my husband, those whom I want to be perfect for, to teach and humble me. :-) God is so good and so very gracious! Thank you for the humble reminder!

Camille said...

What a sweet story. And what a sweet hubby. :)


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is a great post...and yes, He gently shows us areas He is working on.

Oh umbrellas...that was one of our surprises when moving...I found so many of them and wondered how we had so many and never have one when we need one.

Blessings and may you stay dry!