Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Odditity

What you are looking at are two identical planters. Each planter holds the same three plants, a Mexican heather, a geranium and a sweet potato plant. Same dirt, same location, identical pots, and each plant was the same size when I planted it...so what's up with this?

The sweet potato plant has completely taken over and crowded everything else out,  it seems like it grows an inch a day and will soon be completely blocking the steps

 You can see more clearly what was planted in both pots.

So what happened with this one. If you move move the leaves around you can find the Mexican heather and geranium but they are real small in size. Worse part is this plant seems to be a haven for mosquito's. Any ideas on how this happened? More garden oddities, my gardenia bush is blooming again, it's never bloomed in the fall. The vegetable garden we had high hopes for, never produced much of anything but some basil and a few tomatoes, disappointing.

So how have your gardens done this year? Plagued by weather problems like we were? Thinking of some fall crops, maybe some greens? Any other suggestions? We do have cold frames we can use.
Hope you all have a productive Saturday, it's finally cool here, inside project underway.


Sandy said...

Well, it's beautiful, but I don't
know what happened. We had so little
rain and such hot temperatures that
our vegetable and flower gardens
did very poorly. First time ever.

Farm Girl said...

Yep same weird stuff, my garden wasn't much of a garden, I didn't get much of anything, even my pumpkins are small. My green beans never grew much either nor did my corn.
Even my Morning glories just fizzled out.
It is odd that your plants did that.
I don't know but it was just a weird year everywhere.

camp and cottage living said...

That is just plain strange. Maybe something in the air! I've never had so many flowers come up on their own as I did this year. And some of them I've never even had in my yard before. I guess I can blame the birds for that.
Do you think that maybe the bees only visited the one plant and not the other? That's probably not the case, but who knows?
Take care now-Kimberly

Petra said...

That is weird! I've learned something about grubs though, that they can come into a pot through the drain holes. They can also clog them. So next year I will place some screen in front of the holes before I add dirt and plants, and maybe then I won't have grubs and worms eat half of them. Wonder if one pot had a plugged drain hole. That can affect the moisture of the soil causing those plants that need more or less water to thrive more. Just an idea. It's finally cool here too. Blessings!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I suppose plants, like people, grow at different rates. Some, like this plant, become bullies.

Nature is a fascinating tutor!

no spring chicken said...

Definitely an odd year for gardens but that's definitely one of the stranger things I've seen!

Blessings, Debbie

Nancy said...

Sweet Girl,
Thank you so much for your comments you left for me...Such an encouragement.....

Instead of thinking this plant a bully; I'd like to think it's one that has used all it's gifts to glorify God instead of hiding them....I guess plants are much like people...some use their gifts and others don't....great example....

I am praying for you as you walk through your appointments this month.....praying for good news and no anxiety for you.....

Hugs and blessings,

Camille said...

We had a strange summer here too. I haven't had much success growing much of anything in my veggie garden both years I've tried so far. How funny that one plant just *took over*! I always think it's such a blessing that we don't depend on what we grow!! Yikes!!!

Blessings to you!

Debbie said...

You just described every horticultural attempt I ever make.

And oddity before it's said and done.

I'm no help at all!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I am just laughing over the difference in the plants....too funny...and isn't that just life, getting more than you want in some areas and less than you desire in others.

Oh my garden got fried from the record breaking heat...trying to do some for the fall...who knows...last year my best produce came in December!