Monday, September 12, 2011

Yet Another Birthday

It's been birthday time at our house the last couple of weeks. It started with my oldest son, then my grand daughter and last weekend we celebrated my youngest son's, he is now twenty four.

The plan was for him to come back home over the holiday weekend to take another car load of stuff back to his place. We had friends visiting that weekend as well, add my other son and his family and you got a party.

Obviously I am a little late posting this, but, Happy Birthday to our youngest son, the Musician. We enjoyed having him home for a couple of weeks this summer and are happy that he will be living just a couple of hours away. Time for brothers to bond again, (they have already been to a football game together) and maybe more opportunities to see each other.

He is a man with many interests, there was rockets for awhile ( he built a rocket out of styrofoam cups that was as tall as our house, and yes he launched it) biking and of course music. As a graduate student he will be part of a wind quintet.  Maybe there will be a road trip or two to see him play. I could get used to that


no spring chicken said...

We celebrated a birthday this month too... only one! Happy Birthday to yours!!

Blessings, Debbie

Peggy said...

August is our birthday month-mine and my two daughters. I see you have 4 grandchildren. Aren't they wonderful? I have six. I'll come back to visit you. Us grandmothers have to stick together.

Sandy said...

Oh, that's great! Belated Happy
Birthday wishes to all of them!

Farm Girl said...

I hope you had such a good time. Isn't i wonderful to have sons that are so gifted. I love that God's gifts are so varied in different families.
Have a blessed week.

Petra said...

Happy Birthday, youngest son! Couple of hours away is not so bad. Blessings!

Trisha said...

Happy, happy birthday!!