Sunday, January 6, 2013

When It's Not Easy

Now that all the Christmas stuff is put up, the holiday feels like it is officially over. I am ready to get back to some sort of normal routine
I have noticed many of my favorite blogs are sporting new looks this year. Way to go guys, I have really enjoyed looking at all the new things you have done. I considered making some changes myself, but after looking through photos and different templates I decided to stick with what I have. Think of that old comfortable couch that you know you need to replace but you just can't bring yourself to let it go, that's how I am with this blog design but then change in general is hard for me, so should that surprise you?

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy, I have some annual appointments that I have been postponing since last summer and a routine MRI that I tried to talk my way out of... but was told in a very kind and compassionate manner..."just do it" The last couple of weeks have been a struggle with all things medical and it all boils down to this...things aren't going the way I want them to go...lots of bumps in the road...nothing major wrong physically, just lots of little things ... it has been a heart revealer. I still  want what I want, I want things to be comfortable and I want them to be easy. I would like people to respond the way I think they should respond....basically, I would like it my way please.

We all know that our way is not necessarily going to be God's way of doing things. After I had my mini melt down...right in the physicians office mind you... and spent the next day feeling sorry for myself, I remembered that fact. We know that right, that our ways are not always his ways, and we know that God is faithful, does all things well and uses all things for his purposes but when things don't go as planned it's a hard application. I will continue to trust Him though because I know these things to be true...just wish sometimes things could be easy....but that's not this life right?


Debbie said...

Good morning! Boy is this ever a lesson the Lord is working on me too. Nothing it seems every goes quite like "we" plan or want it does it? And I too want things to just be easy. Maybe just not quite as hard would suit me too. But how grateful I am (and know you are too!) that our God understands this and is right there to see us through. Praying all smooths out for you soon! HUGS

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

My heart just melted and the first thing I wanted to do was just give you a hug!! I send you a hug!
Our pastor shared this yesterday...remember he has gone through brain cancer...he said, "God answers our prayers in the way we would want Him to answer them if we knew all He knows"

Hugs...I send you heart-felt hugs!

Camille said...

How difficult it is sometimes my friend. I *hear* you on that one!! May the LORD give you much comfort and grace as you walk this path with HIM....one day at a time...step by step. Don't try to take it all at once, just face one thing at a time. The LORD will not leave you...HE will be Faithful and will give daily all you need. Praying for you today...

With Love,

Isaiah 26:3-4