Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Search Of Cherry Blossoms

When we made our plans a couple of weeks ago to see the cherry blossoms we weren't sure if the trees would be blooming or not. Last year the cherry blossoms were in full bloom the 23rd of March but it's been a cold spring this year and they are late. (the above photo was taken last year)

We knew when we left home that we would be too early for the blooms but there is more to see in DC then just cherry blossoms. There are other gardens, museums and of course family and friends

              As you can see from the above photo, it will be another week before the cherry trees bloom

 But the magnolia trees were beginning to bloom in the Haupt Gardens

Some of the magnolia buds got nipped by the cold. Last week DC had a couple of inches of snow

Haupt Gardens

We were gone for two days, Friday was reserved for sightseeing and Saturday was our day for visiting family and friends. On Saturday we started the day by meeting our youngest son for breakfast, we visited a little then headed south. We stopped at our friends house for a couple of hours, had some lunch, played some games, caught up on all the news, said our goodbyes and were home before dark

I wasn't really disappointed that I didn't get to see the cherry blossoms, I was just thrilled that it looks like spring might really be here!


Debbie said...

Oh I LOVE the magnolia blossoms! Soo pretty. Looks like you took in some pretty sites along with some nice visits! Glad you enjoyed it!

Nancy said...

I have never been to Haupt Gardens but they look beautiful.
So glad you were able to get away and see beautiful gardens, family, and friends.

I think everybody is seeing spring a week to two weeks behind last year.....

Petra said...

Beautiful pix. I like the puppy in the sun. Our chihuahua loves sunbathing in sunny spots too. Not many blossoms here yet. It was/is sleeting today. I'm ready for spring and blossoms on trees and blossoms twirling through the warm air. I'm cold typing this, brrr. Blessings!