Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What To do When The Dog "Eats" Your "Homework"

Well it wasn't my homework and the dog didn't exactly eat it but let me start from the beginning.

We have a pretty old dog, he will be sixteen in July. His bladder control isn't what it used to be. This is not a problem during the day, he goes to the door (frequently) and I let him out. Night time is different....eight hours is much too long for his bladder, so we provide pads and keep him confined in the downstairs bathroom. Getting dog ready for the night is a job husband and I share

Last Thursday when I came down to start the coffee, the dog greeted me at the foot of the stairs...this was not a good sign...we forgot to shut the bathroom door. I did a quick glance, no sign of an accident, so I continued with my morning routine.... dodged that bullet or so I thought

Once husband was out the door I decided to take a minute to read my bible before I had to head out the door myself... that's when I saw it...my bible... sitting in a puddle right next to my chair (and yes it was me who left my bible on the floor)

I had a flurry of emotions (none good) as I quickly tried to clean the mess, but I also had an eight thirty appointment so would have to continue my emotional meltdown at a later time. I needed to talk to my husband, but when I called him it went to voicemail, so I called my eldest son (I seriously needed to TALK to someone) He was sympathetic and called his wife, who in turn called me back and PRAYED with me...I was able to get through the morning. PRAYER...why hadn't I thought of that? Thankful for my DIL who knew what I REALLY needed (and who took time out of her morning to call...school was just about to begin)

When I got back home I had time to assess the damages, wasn't looking good, several pages were wet and it had seeped into the bottom of many other pages but not all the way through the entire book. This is the bible I have carried for the last twelve years, it is heavily marked, scripture dated, and margins written in. I can look at certain scriptures that are marked and remember exactly what was happening in our lives and how God meet us. A lot of life has been lived in the past twelve years and that bible is a road map of where we have been. I had my emotional meltdown that afternoon over that ruined bible

I was finally able to reach my husband, he promised to try to clean it with some vinegar (He did just that, page by page) He wouldn't be able to fix it but he could make it better. The bible now sits on a counter a bit smelly and wrinkly waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Don't think I can use it, (it does have a unique smell to it) but have also been having a hard time putting up on the shelf.

You know the truth is I had been thinking about getting a new bible for quite some time, I just hadn't been able to bring my self to do it....ridiculous! Still trying to figure that one out!  A text my youngest son sent me was helpful...when texting about how I had twelve years of my life marked in that bible...his response was

        "could be worse though, at least you've got the rest of your life to mark better stuff"

I will miss my bible, but God will continue to speak to me through his word, and like manna it needs to be collected fresh every morning. All those markings and underlined scripture are a wonderful testimony to what God has done in the past and his faithfulness but maybe, just maybe it's time to start looking for a new bible, and look at things from a FRESH perspective


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh Dear Maryann, This sure is a unique dilemma. I know how special our Bible becomes over the years. I am beginning to need a large print, but like you don't want to set aside my current Bible.

Sweet help from your kids. I am liking the FRESH perspective thought.

Debbie said...

Oh Maryann I can just imagine your horror over this. I could just weep along with you. I know how attached we can get to our Bibles. And yet! your right, a new bible will be nice, and soon it too will be all marked up and used, and meanwhile our God remains the same. You can start researching everything you want in your new one too. Could be exciting! Hugs to you!

Petra said...

Ouch! But kudos to your husband. Vinegar is a good choice for cleaning the pages. Activated charcoal is said to draw out moisture and odor. Maybe place some charcoal in a box around your opened Bible (careful not to get its pages all black), close the box and leave it undisturbed for a week or so. Meanwhile explore that fresh perspective of breaking in a brand new Bible. Blessings!

Debbie said...

I had a half dozen emotions while reading this all going through my head at the same time. I can't imagine how it felt to see your Bible in a puddle of urine. I relate to the diary of sorts that a Bible can be. I always hate to change mine because of the "sources" that I lose in my margins. I'm constantly taking notes in it.

The way that God used your son to bring a whole, fresh perspective to getting a new one was just so much like Him, wasn't it? I love the perspective. In fact, since my own bible is staring to get a little too worn, maybe it's time that I got a new Bible and perspective too.

banning brewd said...

awww...keep it...spray it with vinegar to neutralize the odor...put some of those silicon 'do not swallow' thingies around it in a baggie to make sure it's completely dry...
you might want to get a new one for public tho :)

Nancy said...

Like the others, I can only image the distress you were feeling when you found your Bible ruined...but it sounds like maybe God was preparing your heart for a new one as you had been thinking about getting a new one..
Thank goodness His Word is fresh each day...and I am sure He is excited to see you make the new one as personal as you did the last one.....

Camille said...

Aww, Maryann...so sorry your Bible ended this way. What a sweet family you have to surround you with loving care at such a time! How precious it is to have a new Bible to look forward to marking up as the LORD leads you along day by day. How precious HE is!!

Love to you!