Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

We went to the Botanical gardens last weekend and guess what?...Spring is here!...Well actually it was here for about two days.... then guess what?...... Summer's here!

Our temperatures for the last couple of days have felt more like July than April... Folks are pulling their slip and slides and their kiddie pools out...no kidding.. but not to fear, judging from the weather map, our temperatures will be dropping like a rock by the end of the week....but I have enjoyed the warmth.

The Cherry Trees were blooming at the Gardens...note to self...you didn't have to go any further than 20 minutes down the road to see them. I will have to say seeing those blooms made me think of the kindness of God, I got to see Cherry Blossoms after all this year..plus the Bradford Pears were at their peak last weekend...they were beautiful

and the daffodils were still in bloom

and there were potted plants full of flowers everywhere

A stroll through the gardens is one of our favorite activities

I know some of you are still shivering in cold and snowy conditions....hoping you too will soon see signs of spring 


Elayne said...

Hello Mary Ann!
Beautiful pictures! Itoo love Bradford Pears and how they change throughout the year, so pretty in Spring.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your prayers.

Debbie said...

Such gorgeous pictures! I love the cherry blossom trees...soo pretty! Enjoy your day!

Camille said...

Beautiful my friend. How wonderful to have all that sun and warmth if only for a little while. God's creation is glorious! Imagine what Heaven will be like?

Blessings to you!

Petra said...

You have an eye for beauty! Very nice!