Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Secret Sister

Secret Sister is a little activity our ladies group has done the last two years. Many of you may be familiar with this or have done a version of it at Christmas time (Secret Santa)

This is how Secret Sister works in our group. Each lady was given an index card, we were then asked to list specific prayer requests and small items we might enjoy as gifts. All cards were then put into a pot, we then drew a card from the pot which had the name of our Secret Sister. We decided to do it for  two months...you can make the duration for as long as you want

The most important part of the activity was to specifically pray for your Secret Sister during the two month period... and to encourage with cards, notes and scripture.

Gifts were simple and inexpensive...some ideas are chocolate (of course), index cards with scripture written on them, recipes, pens, note paper, seed packages, speciality tea bags, book marks, plain or colored index cards (for them to write scripture on), magnets, a dozen home baked cookies or maybe some fresh sliced strawberries. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Cards and notes were always mailed anonymously. When it came to gifts, I had to get creative. I often brought mine to church and gave it to someone who knew my Secret Sister to give to her, (their husbands will work, just make sure they know not to tell who the gift came from) I have left gifts in her child's Sunday school class, and left gifts on her porch when I knew she would not be home. Remember the gifts are only a small part of this activity, the most important is the prayer and encouragement we give.

We need to encourage each other, we need to help remind each other of what God's truth is, we need to look outward instead of constantly focusing inward...okay that last part was for me. Hope you think this is a worthwhile activity....I find out who my Secret Sister is tonight.

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed Proverbs 11:25
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Petra said...

I remember the church we left doing a secret sister for almost a year, not revealing the secret until Christmas. That was kinda neat. Blessings!

Sonja said...

We did this at Westmont College when I was a student, Secret Pal. I think I must have loved it, since I can remember the whole thing in detail. What a blessing to give and encourage, in secret.

Debbie said...

I want to do this with my Women's group. So often, we do stuff like secret Santa, and let's face it: It's the rest of the time that you need the little secret pick me up.