Friday, February 7, 2014

Smile Please!

I have been taking group photos of the grandchildren for several years now. Most of the time it's impromptu, I get them on the stairs or we go out for an excursion and I snap some photos. Sometimes the photos turn out, sometimes they don't, but part of the fun is in the doing.

Well the grands all came to spend the night about a week ago, so you know I had to try to get a group photo of all of them. First we tried going outside, I thought the colorful clothing would be nice in a photo but it was too cold and windy for anyone to enjoy themselves, plus the reflection on the snow made the photos too over exposed...nice try 

I wasn't ready to give up so we went inside and tried again.

Having fun

No one is crying

Got it!


Debbie said...

You sure did!! Great photo! Group photos are almost impossible! Enjoy your day!

Sandy said...

I love all of the pictures, even the "wiggly" ones. Your grandchildren are all so beautiful and I just love that little one with the gorgeous strawberry hair!

Lea said...

Well, that last one looks like a magazine ad. Just so, so cute!!!

living from glory to glory said...

What a cute and adorable much you have dear friend!
The last photo is perfect; frame this one and it will a keepsake for sure. How are you doing? My it has been a cold winter here, but a break is coming this week. I do want to wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day
may it be sweet and special!
Always, Roxy