Monday, March 10, 2014

A Better For You Corned Beef Hash

First of all I must tell you I am not a fan of corned beef, I don't do corned beef and cabbage, I've stopped eating corned beef out of a can years ago and will only occasionally eat a corned beef sandwich. I wasn't looking for a recipe for corned beef, but it was sample day at Trader Joe's and they were featuring quick cook meals with corned beef. I didn't even stop, but my husband did, and he brought a sample down the aisle for me to try, I was hooked. We decided to forgo our dinner plans and purchase the ingredients for this "hash" for dinner instead. I can't tell you how many times that happens with us (We plan on a dinner out and end up buying things we would rather cook at home instead)

The second thing about this recipe is that it's not a hash in the traditional sense, there is no starch to bind the ingredients together, it's more a "Corned Beef Pile Up" We had the onion and vegetable broth at home, had to purchase the corned beef, the two packages of Cruciferous Crunch and the whole grain Dijon mustard. We figured we spent about $22.00 for all the ingredients, I know that may sound expensive, but it was cheaper than going out to eat, and we will get several meals out of this.

If you are cooking corned beef and cabbage this week you can use this recipe for your leftover corned beef. The corned beef we bought was already cooked and it was just shy of two pounds. Adjust your recipe to your taste and what you have available. The Cruciferous Crunch was a mixture of shredded white and red cabbage, kale and brussels sprouts to equal 10 ounces (I've added a photo of what the vegetable mixture looks like below.)

Healthier Corned Beef "Hash"
2 pounds corned beef
2 bags Cruciferous Crunch (you can make your own mixture with veggies mentioned above)
1 box vegetable broth (I did not use the whole box)
1 small-medium diced onion
1/2 bottle or to taste Trader Joe Whole Grain Dijon mustard

I shredded the beef, sauteed the onion in a little vegetable oil (can also saute in vegetable broth), I then added the beef, enough vegetable broth to moisten then the two bags of Cruciferous Crunch and mustard to taste. ( I ended up using 1/2 bottle, you may use more or less depending on your taste. I started with a tablespoon and worked my way from there)  Cook until heated though

I served this with a fried mashed potato cake, the next day we ate the mixture cold on some rye bread (it was just as good cold) Judging from the container I have left we will be eating this several times this week or I may try to freeze.


Sandy said...

I am a southern gal who enjoys corned beef and cabbage. Read the other day that cabbage is one of the best foods we can eat for digestive health. I am going to add this to my recipes. So glad you shared!

Lea said...

Oh, my, that's looks delicious for sure! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Happy week!

Creations By Cindy said...

I love corn beef and cabbage. Will have to try this. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs and blessings, Cindy