Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Do You Do?

I'm slowly sorting through the stuff that was packed away in the closet of our spare room. Most of the boxes have been opened and the contents have spilled over to a second room for the sort. I started doing a quick look through the photos, (still lots to go) tossing all out of focus or bad photos, next I will be categorizing them and scanning.  I have another box full of old letters from various deployments when husband was in military, those will also be sorted and some tossed. I also have one box that has nothing but cards that that we received over the years that I never threw away.

Some of the cards had sweet notes included, or funny comments. One Father's Day card included an apology from one son for breaking his tooth, said son had been doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing when he broke it, that's why he apologized...funny I don't even remember the details anymore...let that be a lesson to younger moms...don't sweat the small stuff, even if it seems big now.

Getting back on track, I would be interested in knowing what you do with cards that you receive.  Do you throw them away after you have enjoyed them or do you have a clever way of storing them, or a crafty way of using them. Most of the cards I'm sorting through are from Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversary's, Fathers Day and it's from decades...it's crazy, I know.

I should mention I have another decorative box with cards people have sent through the years that would go under the category of encouragement...kind of like an Ebenezer box...those cards are full of scripture and and God's truths.  I'm not sure most of these cards I 'm sorting through would be ones I would consider special enough to put in that box.

So what do you do with your cards after you are done with them? I would love some ideas.


Cheryl said...

Oh, Maryann, I do wish I had some sensible answers for you! Alas, I am in the same quandary. It is so hard to part with cards. Don't they seem like a little part of the person who sent them? I treasure some of the cards that I have kept from loved ones who have gone on, with their handwriting and those little bits of their heart.

I'd better check back in here to see if other people have solutions!

Stephanie said...

Hi Maryann :) I tend to keep a lot of the special cards/notes from friends and family and keep them in a Rubbermaid. My husband often tells me I should just toss them, but I just can't seem to...I always enjoy reading them from time-to-time.

Sorry I don't have any answers :) Happy Monday, sweet lady!

Debbie said...

Oh I think that is a HARD one for most of us. I kept them for years and years...but almost 40 years later and they were starting to be a problem. So I ruthless (had to be) went through them one day and kept only those with special meaning...home made or personal notes mainly survived the cut, but also those that represented the "first" or "last" of something, or those with a personal picture on it. The box is still large, but much more manageable. I did this 4 years ago when we moved to this smaller home. Now I only add a new card in rarely, and the rest I keep around for a week or so and then close my eyes and toss. Kind of like flowers. Enjoy them for a couple of weeks, and then move on. Bet there are not many answers like mine, lol. I will check back later to see what others do. Enjoy your week!

Lea said...

I do keep all cards for a brief time but am afraid that the majority are finally thrown away. I have kept all the ones from when my Mom died and always will. I use Rubbermaid boxes for all my storage. They have so many sizes and they are clear and they are just perfect. Happy week!

Creations By Cindy said...

I don't like throwing my cards away either! I love them! I do from time to to time keep special cards from precious family members and close friends. But I will tell you several things I have done in the past with my cards. I cut off the pretty part like the front of the card and I carry them to the nursing home. The activity director finds the neatest things to make with them with the residents. Some of the cutest things I've seen. They don't go to waste and yet it becomes a meaningful thing for the sweet residents to do at craft time. I have also taken some cards and once again used the pretty part and cut them like I wanted and used for name tags for gifts. I will share with you what I do with my Christmas cards too. I save them and beginning Jan. 1 I pull out one a day. For that family I pray. I do this till every person that I rec. a card from is prayed for. Just some ideas.....Have a blessed day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy P.S. I have also used some cards to embellish things with...the ideas are really endless.