Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reassessing The Plan

At the end of each year I start looking around for Bible reading plans I would like to do for the upcoming year. This year I thought I would try the M'Cheyne One Year Plan, I could access it online, with the option of having it read to me and I had a Bible that followed the same reading plan. Two methods of getting the same thing done, sounded great.  My goal was to be able to read the bible in a year.

I have encountered some problems with having a Bible reading plan like this, maybe you can identify. Sometimes I wanted  to stop and go more in depth in certain sections I was reading, I like to get a better understanding of historical events and culture surrounding the scripture, sometimes I wanted to go over what was taught on Sunday instead of doing the reading plan, sometimes I would be drawn to another book of the Bible that wasn't in the daily reading, sometimes life events or just plain laziness got in the way of me doing the required reading for the day. I have been on catch up mode for weeks now, putting more emphasis on getting the reading done, so that I can say that I did it.

With all that to say, I have decided it's time to ditch the plan, well not totally, just some of it. For the most part I am going to continue with the ESV One Year Bible, at least as a guide, but at a pace that is probably going to take me two-three years to finish the Bible, instead of one. I have also decided I won't necessarily do the plan everyday, sermons at church or other studies may lead me to different parts of scripture.

Reading in the morning was beginning to feel like a box I had to check off as done, I knew I had to make a change. Hopefully this adjustment will help, I'll let you know. What is important is that you spend time with the Lord each day and in His Word no matter what it looks like for you.


S. Etole said...

Your flowers are absolutely beautiful.

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

I have to say AMEN! When we meet with Him I am sure He enjoys setting the plan.

Creations By Cindy said...

I tried doing this with a plan once and was so like you....feeling I needed to dig deeper (because that is my style) (this makes my 17th year teaching ladies Bible Study) so I had to back off and do something different. I do like a challenge but I too find that spending time with the Lord with a devotional or a passage reading from the Bible really ministers to me. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Debbie said...

I can so identify with this, I could have written it myself. I have been through this process more than once. For now, I read in the morning as the spirit leads me, AND work the Beth Moore bible Daniel study as well for more disciplined and in depth study. Never have completed one of the read through the whole Bible plans. I found myself reading to just say I'd done it, lol. Hope your day was a good one!