Friday, February 20, 2015

Encourage When You Can

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Sometimes I have to settle for a nice chat on the phone, or a quick text. My sister and I text all the time...and then we getting to a point that texting gets way too hard because we have too much to say. During those times the texting marathon ends up with a phone call.

This week  most of my friends have been housebound due to weather and sickness (lots of sickness going around again...sigh) so I haven't had much of a chance to see anyone this week, but we've kept connected with our phones. Aren't you thankful for phones and the ability to check in on each other?

I know people can have strong feelings about texting, but I find it a great way to touch base with each other. Often times it will lead to a phone call but not always. Sometimes it might be the encouragement a person needs in that moment...you never know. (I have friends who will text scripture...love that)

Anyway today was a special day because I got a surprise real live (not phone) visit from this guy. We knew he was going to be in town but did not expect to see him at all because his schedule was tight. He had rehearsal in the afternoon and a performance in the evening, then he was headed back home.

You can imagine my surprise(and delight) when he said he was going to stop by between the rehearsal and the performance. It was a quick visit, (real quick) just enough time for a piece of leftover birthday cake and coffee, but it did this momma's heart good. The visit ended with a hug, and an admonishment to drive safely (we mom's always say that don't we?)

Is there someone you know who might be encouraged with a call or a text. Even letting someone know you are thinking about them can be a blessing. I will often text someone about any prayer needs (or practical needs) This can be more of a blessing than you know.

Photo above taken last weekend before the snow and the freezing cold temperatures, no one is out in shirt sleeves today.


Cheryl said...

I love that you are using technology to bless and encourage!

Even a short visit is a welcome one...a gift!

Lea said...

We can never give or receive too much encouragement. Great post! Happy new week!