Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Surprises

February has been full of surprises for us. As mentioned in my previous post our son got some work in the area and was home for a few days. He was able to join us in a birthday celebration at a local eatery that husband likes and we were able to go to the symphony....having him home proved to be a real treat.

We also spent the weekend baking and cooking, it was Valentines Day and my hubby's birthday after
all. It's time to bake again, our treats are almost gone (some of this went north...lol) I will have to post the recipes for the Cinnamon Apple Scones...so delicious

Our other surprise has been snow and really cold temperatures. Usually if we haven't had snow by early February we're not going to get any, so in my mind winter was over...lol. We have been told that the temperatures expected tomorrow haven't been this cold in nearly twenty years...yikes!

A text I received from a friend yesterday stated,  "Remember a couple of weeks ago we all agreed it was going to be a short mild winter and early spring....maybe we spoke too soon"

We were talking about pruning our roses, she had already done hers, I had not gotten around to mine yet. Hopefully this cold weather hasn't damaged any of the early growth, I know ice can be a protector, like a warm blanket,  so maybe that will help.

We have officially been snowed in since Monday night and with super cold temperatures  predicted, I'm not sure that's going to change till the weekend. (photo above taken at a local parking lot...so maybe not totally snowed in, we did venture out this afternoon for a bit.) We don't do snow here, even the smallest amount will close down most places of business . What has made it worse is our 4-6 inches of snow is covered by a thick coating of ice..think "magic shell" ... you know the stuff they put on ice cream...that's what the snow is like. I can actually walk on top of this stuff without breaking through.

The children are enjoying all this snow and while there is no sledding allowed at the city park that has the "big hill" (too many injuries) Kids have still been able to find places to use those surf boards and trash cans lids to sled ...any piece of land with an incline will do. I have memories of sliding down a neighborhood street when I was growing up....I'm sure that wouldn't be allowed today. Things seemed so much simpler when I was growing up, or for that matter, when I was a young mom raising children.

So we've had a couple of quiet days. Besides cooking, we have done some reading, listened to a  teaching from church...(gotta love the Internet), done some research on supplements , looked at possible vacation ideas (40th anniversary coming up this year) and gotten lost on Pinterest (I've found so many good recipes) The snow has also given us the opportunity to recharge....a forced slow down...not a bad thing really...but I think hubby is ready to get back to work.

How about you, are y'all snowed in? How do you spend your snow days?


Persis said...

We haven't gone anywhere since Monday. The sun started to melt some of the snow on the street, but it will freeze again tonight. I haven't been able to work from home because my PC died and I'm waiting for it to get fixed. So I've been reading, knitting, and baking. Stay warm and safe!

Lea said...

We are not snowed in but have had rain and bitter, bitter cold and that's enough to keep me in for sure. I thought Spring was surely just around the corner, but apparently not. More cold and rain predicted for next week.

Hope the sun comes out and melts your snow and you all can get back to "normal."

Debbie said...

Truthfully we have had such a warm winter I have only turned my heat on once and that was back in Dec. i suppose part of that is I do not like a warm house and keep mine pretty cool, but still. We are supposed to get some rain this week-end and California is soo parched that I doubt it will do much. Everything is in bloom. So glad you got some time with your son and enjoyed getting to bake and your hubby's bday. Hope the rest of your week is good!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

No, we're not snowed in, although we did get 4-5 inches of the white stuff. Other than that and the bitter cold today, we've had a pretty mild winter. And now that we've had a "real" snow, I'm done with winter and ready for spring! (But I'm not holding my breath - ha!)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

This winter did seem to be coming to an end early for many then this bitter cold and snow. Sounds like you are doing well enduring such chilly temps!