Monday, February 9, 2015

The Necessity of Being Still

I have difficulty with "quiet"...it's something I realized several years ago. In contrast,  I do "busy" well. (at least it seems like I do in the short term) I fill my days with things that need to be done, errands, appointments and an occasional lunch or coffee with a friend.

"Busy" can be challenging though. When I'm busy I don't always find time to eat, or I'm grabbing a quick bite on the run. That's okay every now and then, but if you do it for any length of time you begin to run down physically. It has the same spiritual application.

"Busy" has snuck up on me again, squeezing out "quiet".  I have felt it physically, but even more so spiritually and frankly it's hard to do battle when you've been  so busy that you don't feed yourself properly. Spiritually, I've been grabbing "quick bites" and relying on stored truths.

There are truths I have stored up over the years, that I have been able to use when I've been in the middle of one of "those" conversations that only I can hear, (you know the type I'm talking about)

The internal conversations that focus on mistakes, regrets, sin, failure and the what if''s. Those "conversations" can leave me a little discouraged, until I get to the place of stored truth. Like God is on the throne, he is ruling and reigning over all things, he is sovereign over all, he works all things for good.

I know I need a more substantial diet than the "quick bites" I've been getting. Coincidently our ladies ministry will be going through the book of Romans...what do you think, does it sound like a good place to get fed.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Oh how I needed this ... and alas, not just for this week.

Stephanie said...

Be still. . .and know that I AM God. This was much-needed, dear Maryann - thank you for sharing.

Also, your header is very beautiful! Hugs to you!

Pam Phelps said...

I know that I often have difficulty in just "being still" also. It is very difficult to just rest in the quiet with the Lord. Thanks for the encouragement; I always need the reminder… I liked what you said about "the place of stored truth". Its a great way to picture it.
Have a great week.

Cheryl said...

Good analogy...that of the "quick bites" versus a slow, nourishing meal. I need that reminder too.

Debbie said...

Goodness can I ever relate to this! Perfect timing and perfect reminder!

Judy Goddard said...

I have a hard time with stillness too. I'm not the kind of person who fills her days tidying or cleaning, though. I like to say, "Clean enough for healthy, cluttered up with fun!"
But I always have to have music playing. Mostly Spiritually focused. I just have a hard time with quiet!

Scrappy quilter said...

Great post and so true. In our busy world we so often forget that we need to take the time to be still.

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I have enjoyed this post and so needed this as a reminder! I too DO BUSY well...it's the slow down part I have an issue with. When I am STILL and QUIET I am simply amazed at how God speaks to my heart. Thanks for sharing this today. Needed it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy