Sunday, December 12, 2010

Change of Scenery

 Because my eye had improved at my last doctor visit I do not have to go back to see him for a week, this gave me the opportunity to travel with my husband to Washington DC. Thankful for the healing that is taking place in my eye and thankful that I am able to accompany my husband. I love DC, even though I have been here more times than I can count, there is always something new to learn, to explore. I hoping to use this time to build stamina a bit, get moving physically. We are due to go on vacation soon, will be significant walking involved and at this point I am not ready for it. So I will do what I can this week to prepare, but I also feel like the Lord is  prompting me to trust in him, rest in him, listen to him and to accept where he has me no matter what physical level I am at by that time. This has already been a struggle this week. I went back to work on Tuesday and because I could not start work on Monday as I had planned, I said I would work Thursday (to make up for the Monday I missed) no one asked me to do that, it was guilt I felt for being sick Monday. (misplaced guilt I might add)  Thursday was a day I was supposed to have used for preparing for DC trip, (if I had gotten the ok from eye doctor) so instead I worked all day, ran home finished packing and then we were on the road all evening. Exhausted can't even come close to how I felt. I basically let man's opinion of me dictate my decision to work a day I was supposed to be off. Old patterns resurface so quickly! That being said, I feel like the Lord is speaking to me on the need to be satisifed (content) where the he has me, let him direct my steps, decisions. I have always been strong physically  "I can do it myself", this continues to be difficult, (again does this sound like a recurring theme in my life) but realizing he can use my weakness.

"But he said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness, therefore I will baost all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ power may rest on me" 2 Corinthians 12:9

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BreastCancerSisterhood.com said...

Hi Maryann,
I, too, love the Lord. I just found your blog and have had your playlist of beautiful songs on for at least 30 minutes as I prepare to go into San Antonio to take my mother to the dentist. I have an hour drive into the city, and it's always my time to talk to Him. I'll be back to get to know you better.

Trusting in Him,
Brenda Coffee