Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sort is Done

Two weeks ago my garage got pretty scary. There was the normal stuff, the tools, all manner of gardening paraphernalia, bikes, a Foosball table for the grand kids, and an entire corner dedicated to outside toys.

Then there is the stuff that doesn't really have an identity or category, but somehow just ends up in the garage. Add to all of this, Sweet Lady's stuff from her move and last but not least all the stuff my young son is currently storing from his move. (some of this stuff will be leaving with him but not all) Have you guessed that the one thing we don't have in the garage is a car?

Progress is being made, a week ago there were two additional bikes, a mattress and box spring in all this mess, but thanks to Craig's list they are gone

Today, it was time to go through Sweet Lady's boxes, she has been here since May. This is a process we started weeks ago but there were several boxes left to go through. Strange feeling going through her things, deciding what should go and what to keep. When we moved her from her home it was hurried, we wanted to be sensitive to her needs, didn't want to cause her any unnecessary stress, so we brought a lot of things we should have left behind.

The sort started wih the easy decisions, if it was damaged or stained it was in the go pile, if it was more than one size too big it was in the donate pile. When did it get hard?... when I made decisions on what I thought was best, putting those things in the donate bag was difficult... maybe she still liked it... who was I to make these decisions? I knew the items weren't going to work for her anymore, but still I battled. There was a lot of that this afternoon. Had a lot of conversation time with the Lord during all of this, I needed guidance, wisdom.

 So it's done, the boxes are empty. I now have some more things to bring to her room, items that she used to enjoy. Glad it's done, this was a task I have been putting off,  the bonus is I now have an empty corner in this messy garage of mine.

For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding  Proverbs 2:6


camp and cottage living said...

I'm glad my MIL is still able to do this herself. Now that my FIL is gone she seems to want to get rid of everything.
It is very kind of you to put much prayer and thought into what to keep or get rid of.
I need to do this in my home, but keep putting it off!

Petra said...

I like that you did this with much prayer and thoughtfulness. As hard as these things are, prayer and charity make it so much easier. I'm glad that you were successful with craigslist. Stay safe!

no spring chicken said...

This was a thoughtful post. I'm often guilty of being hasty. Thanks for this encouragemnet

Blessings, Debbie