Monday, August 1, 2011

Yard Sales

One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning is to check out yard sales and I happened to be blessed with a husband who enjoys it as well. We start out our morning by stopping at the local convience store to pick up a newspaper and then  head out to the coffee shop to make our plan.

We decide on a city, try to find sales that are close together, plug them into the Magellan and off we go. (Magellan makes things so much easier)

The things we look for varies depending on what we need but we are always on the lookout for kids' clothes, gardening items and lately things for Sweet Lady's home. We've run across some deals. Our Lazy Boy rocker was on it's last legs last summer when we ran across one that was gently used and a tenth of the price we would have paid new.

We will often go to one of those sales where an elderly parent has passed away and the adult children are selling the contents of the home. When I walk through those homes I am often struck by all the stuff left behind. I wander through these homes wondering about the person who had passed. Feels strange, looking through all their things.

I'm always struck with the fact that the things we strife for in this life ends up like this. It ends up being just stuff.(ever been to the dump, I get that same feeling) My husband often reminds me that we are temporary residents of our home, someone else will be living in it someday. (he actually tells people it's Gods house, we are just renters) Someone will go through my things...kind of gives you a different kind of perspective on stuff, doesn't it?

I will still enjoy going to yard sales, it's a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Great way to find bargains and I enjoy using the things I find to decorate my home or add to my eclectic garden. But it's also good to go through one of those homes where someone has passed and be reminded once again that this life is temporary, we will leave all of this behind.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also  Luke 12:34

Garden "art" that we found at yard sale


Petra said...

Great post! To live and enjoy, yet to feel the freedom of detachment and that longing for the other--the better! That's the beauty of having God's grace, truth and contentment! Yard sales are great, and yes, they do remind us of how quickly we grow out of things, and how fleeting our life here really is! Blessings!

Debbie said...

Great post! I have been struck by that same feeling myself. I feel the same way about all the trophies and awards that we receive over the years. In the end, who wants them?

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You just added to my husband and my conversation this morning...I was worried over some physical things when he kept saying, "it is all wood, hay and stubble...it will burn." Then went on to say, the heart issues are the things we need to focus on.

I needed to focus on the heart issues and let go of the physical things today...thanks for continuing to point my focus in the right direction.

no spring chicken said...

One of my favorite things too. I haven't been much this year and I miss it. It's a wonderful way to spend a weekend morning with your honey!!

Blessings, Debbie

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Always looking forward, moving forward as well. Still, the trail of bread crumbs that others leave behind tell us a lot about their expectations for the future. Leave a few crumbs today, sister. I'll endeavor to do the same.